Cocky Rebellion cockygate rebelliongate trademark Nika Dixon

Credit to Nika Dixon

Just in time for the weekend!

Less than a week after the drama of an author trademarking the word “cocky” spiralled out of control, sparking Twitter hashtags like #cockygate, we now have #rebelliongate.

Yep, that’s right. Now there’s an application to trademark the word “rebellion” not just for books, but across all kinds of media and all kinds of products. The people who were mocking the romance genre and women in general this past week are now scared their own genre is under attack.

Trademark Symbol.

Follow Kevin Kneupper for information and updates on both cases. Not just a writer, he is also a lawyer who came out of retirement to fight this pro bono on behalf of everyone.

These trademark stories… there’s so much greed behind them. I keep thinking of the American company that commandeered the Ugg Boot – an Australian icon. Or that Kardashian who tried to steal Kylie Minogue’s name!

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