Why “outing” someone makes you an utter arse – #2

Following on from yesterday’s post about why Faleena Hopkins attempting to “out” the identities of authors she’s taking to court over her ridiculous trademark dispute, here is another reason why it’s such a terrible thing to do.

In 2014 a self-published author – who pretty much embodies the stereotype of angry, entitled incel – received a negative review on Amazon for his writing.

Instead of – you know – ignoring it, like any professional would do, he decided to retaliate, which wasn’t THAT surprising, considering his history as a stalker.

Richard Brittain used Facebook to track down the reviewer, a teenage girl from Glenrothes, and drove eight hours from the south of England to the Scottish supermarket she worked in (some 750 kilometres).

He found her, picked up a full bottle of wine, and smashed it over her head, knocking her unconscious and causing serious injury.

Brittain was arrested, tried, and found guilty of the crime. He was sentenced to several years behind bars.

Some authors are completely unstable. Richard Brittain is one. Faleena Hopkins is another. Hopkins is trying to ruin careers and lives by taking away people’s anonymity, and the writing community needs to continue to take a stand against her reprehensible actions.

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