A Roswell Remake?

roswell-tv-show 1990s 2000s

In the late-1990s and early 2000s, there was a cult television show about teens in Roswell, New Mexico, USA – the home of the alleged UFO crash in 1947. (Episode One is HERE.)

The show – based on a series of young adult books – was about a group of high schoolers, half of them regular teens, and half aliens from the crash, masquerading as teens to stay safe.

The basic plotline of the first Twilight book was taken from Roswell. In both stories the hero uses his powers to save the heroine’s life, therefore revealing his true identity to her. In both stories hero and heroine are biology lab partners and she has to cover up the fact he isn’t human. Etc. Only, this heroine is SO much stronger, and this hero is NOT a creepy stalker.

Now? They’re remaking Roswell, due out in 2019. You can see the new cast HERE.

I’m not sure I want to see this remake. Recently Hollywood hasn’t met an old show they don’t want to do a remake of. I wish they’d let cult shows be cult shows, and come up with something new!

A side note: I used to take ballet classes with one of the stars of the original Roswell TV series, so I feel a little protective of it!

5 thoughts on “A Roswell Remake?

  1. I watched Roswell on DVD (my son collects TV series boxsets and has intoduced me to lots of series that I probably would never have watched otherwise) and I don’t think that remakes are ever as good as the originals.

    1. Remakes are usually painful to watch! I’m not saying Roswell was a masterpiece, but this remake seems stupid (the actress I grew up with was the one playing Tess – the most hated person on TV at the time!). Beverly Hills 90210 was appalling to begin with, but at the time I loved it and had all the merchandise anyway because I was young and stupid! But then they went and remade it – why?

      I think Roswell was very much of its time (I still follow the authors online, and they’re still writing YA), but I really don’t think it needs to be brought back.
      It was such a typical show for around the year 2000, but what I’ve read of the new version, they’re changing almost everything. Other than the character names, I don’t think there’s anything left I’d recognise.

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