You don’t own your ebooks.

Two things:

You never really own your Kindle books. Actually, you do not own them at all.

I have already bought TWO Kindle versions of one of my favourite books: Lisa Kleypas’ Secrets of a Summer Night.

Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

Even so, yesterday I tried to re-download the book onto my laptop, and got a message telling me I have used up my limit of downloads (I’ve bought the bloody ebook twice!), and that I have to buy it again. So, if I ever want to read it again I have to buy it for a third time.

Not only have I bought it multiple times on Kindle, I have two paperback copies! I’ve bought this book FOUR times, and yet Amazon still believes they own it, and therefore I’m not allowed to read it anymore. Kindle books are more like 1980s video rentals than anything resembling actual ownership.

To an extent, I understand: I could be downloading this onto many devices to share it with many other people who are getting it for free.

However – how about a paper book? You could lend it to a hundred people! What about second-hand bookshops? Once you have bought a book, you should OWN it. It should be YOUR decision who reads it afterwards, and it should not be anyone else’s business. Amazon should NOT be able to take it off you.

I remember reading years ago about how Amazon has overreached when it comes to their power with books, but I’m only just starting to realise it.

I’m getting two new computers this week, and will need a new Kindle soon (mine has black patches on the screen now!). I will have to fork out hundreds of dollars to buy books again.

This is one big, obvious argument for paper books. What a pity so many publishers are ebook-only these days. Nobody should be able to take a purchase off a customer.



Apart from the fact I’m really slow reviewing books at the moment, ALL of my devices are at the end of their lives! It’s a nightmare because on top of the computers themselves, I need to buy new Office, Photoshop etc., and I have so many photos, so many social media accounts, so many documents…

But, my laptop… Some of the keys have fallen off. E.g. I lost my Caps Lock key nearly a year ago. My screen is only just hanging on; only one side of it is still attached!

I have a tablet that barely works anymore. A few months ago it actually died for a couple of days, but then came back to life.

I can no longer log on to my “Sonya Heaney” account on my computer; now I have to use a different account for most things, and then I email myself blog posts and hope for the best!

So… I’m not a very happy camper at the moment!

2 thoughts on “You don’t own your ebooks.

  1. Sonya, I have a laptop, two iPads, one old and one new, and an iPhone. I can access any Kindle book on any of the devices and, if they are held in the Cloud, I have no problem downloading them to any device.

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