Twenty Years

Couple ready to cope with dreaded Y2K bug

Remember Y2K? The Millennium Bug?

I was randomly researching something, and came across this article that was published twenty years ago today. I remember both that a lot of people lost their minds at the end of the 1990s and prepared for the end of the world, and that some people went into hiding for years before emerging to discover they’d been wrong about everything.

This makes for a funny read (read the whole article at the link), but some days now the world does seem like it’s falling apart:

Getting Prepared

Couple ready to cope with dreaded Y2K bug

BUNCH — It’s hard enough getting to the Kirkwoods’ hideaway. The country roads that lead here burrow into the wilds of Adair County. The dirt road at the end climbs into the forested hills where the former computer salesman and nurse from suburban Dallas make their home.

They would have looked even deeper into the woods for a place, but if TEOTWAWKI happens, they want to be sure their children and grandchildren still living in cities can reach this sanctuary in time.

“TEOTWAWKI” is an acronym heard among an increasing number of people who worry about the Millennium Bug and what chaos will come if the switch to the Year 2000 disrupts computer networks worldwide.

They’re talking about “The End Of The World As We Know It,” and it’s catching on.

Fearing an apocalypse over the Millennium Bug requires some of the same lack of faith in government as with other survivalists’ concerns. It carries a fear that the masses in the cities won’t hang together but instead will reveal their worst if things really do get desperate. The new survivalists are people who don’t want to take that gamble when spokespeople for public utilities, banks or other entities try to assuage concerns about the Millennium Bug with the calm words, “We’re working on it.”

They’d rather take their chances in finding a nice piece of land “with constantly running water or artesian wells and good hardwood cover in rolling hills where you could put a house 300 yards off the road and not see it,” McMillan said.

“The interest (in rural property) grows daily,” he said. And some of the inquiries, he added, have come from people in government and from computer programmers, which he said should tell you something.

“If the pilot of the plane puts on a parachute, wouldn’t you get nervous?”

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