Public service announcement: Tasmania is part of Australia!

Interrupting bookish things to get the news out: Tasmania is a state of Australia!

I am saying this in the wake of the appalling story that has emerged from Cricket Australia: a female employee (from Tasmania) lost her job for tweeting about abortion from her private account (with no mention of her association with the organisation).


This should NOT be a controversial thing to do, especially as abortion is legal.

Cricket Australia is also the organisation that has let male cheaters off the hook – in fact they hold them up as heroes.

The reason I feel the need to explain Tasmania? Because there’s support for this woman, Angela Williamson, coming in from overseas. The international comments I’ve read are from people who think women from the “country” of Tasmania have to travel “internationally” to Australia for the procedure.

Map of Australia

This is Australia. All of this is Australia (well, except for the Indonesia/East Timor/Papua New Guinea bits at the top!).

This is a mistake I’ve seen people make over and over and over for years. (Why? Is it because they turned the Tasmanian devil into an American cartoon character? That doesn’t make much sense, but…)

Australia has two territories: the Australian Capital Territory (me!), and the Northern Territory.

And Australia has six states: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia.

So now you know. 🙂

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