First Lunch in Dublin


We arrived in Ireland at 7:07am, and couldn’t get into our accommodation until two, which meant we had a lot of hours to “waste” in Dublin today! By midday we’d already had coffee, walked along both banks of the River Liffey, had a couple of gin and tonics at a pub in Temple Bar, and sat down to lunch in a restaurant!

This was our view.

Because we had one, enormous EIGHTEEN-HOUR flight out of Canberra (to the Middle East, where we changed planes), the trip to Europe was only thirty hours. It sounds like a long time, but my trip to Venice last year was something like *45* hours, so this was a huge improvement.

I haven’t been to Ireland for years, and when I did before I was living on my own and a pretty inexperienced traveller, so this all feels very different this time.

So far, everyone has been so nice.

Some observations:

* Qatar Airways is 100 million times better than Emirates (the airline I flew what felt like a gazillion times last year). And boy, are the staff friendlier! Doha Airport is great.

* Flying internationally out of Canberra is SO nice. It’s a new thing (crazy that Australia’s capital city used to only have domestic flights – and the occasional a visit from Air Force One). It’s a fancy, shiny, friendly experience, and there aren’t the crowds of Sydney.

There is a lot to cram in over the next few days, and then I’m headed north.

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