Book Feature: Resurrection (Rock Solid #4) by Karina Bliss

This is where I send my apologies to author Karina Bliss, whose book Resurrection came out a while ago, and I’ve still not got around to writing a review! It’s coming soon, I promise!

In the meantime, I’d like to say that Bliss is one of those authors you’re guaranteed to enjoy. Call me biased, but there’s something about contemporary romances by Kiwi and Australian authors that really appeals to me. They write in such a “contemporary” way, and you can identify with the characters as if they’re real people.

I’ve loved Bliss’ books since day one, and would recommend every one I’ve read so far.

Resurrection (Rock Solid #4) by Karina Bliss

Resurrection (Rock Solid #4) by Karina Bliss

No more rock stars. Not ever.

Lily Hagen Stuart has done that scene to death. Her new career in early childhood education is way more rewarding and she deals with far fewer tantrums. Then a stolen sex tape is posted online and her future is in jeopardy. She needs to get away from the paparazzi and the only place that offers refuge is the world she swore never to return to: the music world. Fine. A few weeks—tops. That’s all she needs to get her life back. And keeping her hands off gorgeous Moss McFadden? Should be easy.

Moss McFadden may be a rising rock star, but he’s quite happy to keep everyone at arm’s length. Until Lily needs help, that is. They strike a deal that puts them in closer proximity than is good for his equilibrium. Still, he can keep his fascination with her in check. Or can he? Because when she lends him a hand in a life-changing situation, all his defences are shot. And as he goes down in a wave of longing, he wonders if she just might be his salvation.

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