Cover Love + Release Day for RaeAnne Thayne

Review copies of this book became available in April, and even though it was Far Too Early for Christmas reading, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful cover.

RaeAnne Thayne’s Season of Wonder is out now.

Season of Wonder (2018) (The ninth book in the Haven Point series) A novel by RaeAnne Thayne

Haven Point, Idaho, was the last place veterinarian Daniella Capelli thought she’d wind up. But when the Queens, New York, native was offered a job by the about-to-retire town vet, she jumped at the chance. After all, she has two young girls to raise and–thanks to her ex- (and late) husband–a boatload of student loans she has little chance of repaying. So, just in time for Christmas, they pack up their lives and head to Haven Point. Dani and her girls love everything about the new town–if only Ruben Morales, the town sheriff, and her boss’s son, weren’t so helpful and so unsettlingly good looking. Ruben has a habit of being around just when Dani needs him. He’s great at drawing out her daughters too–moody Silver and cautious, quiet Mia. But Dani knows not to get too close to the handsome lawman–because really, what could a woman bounced out of eight inner-city foster homes have in common with a straight-arrow small-town family man? Still, Ruben has Dani believing in the magic of the season–and that the stars in their eyes could maybe last a lifetime….

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