Spring in the Garden Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney 2nd October 2018

Spring in Canberra!

Well, I’ve made it home after an epic 42-hour journey from rural Derbyshire to Canberra. That’s a two-hour drive to Manchester (however, we got to drive past Lyme Park – Mr Darcy’s home in Pride and Prejudice 1995), a six-hour wait at Manchester Airport, a seven-hour flight to Doha, a nine-hour layover in Qatar (which wasn’t so bad, but the lounge needs to serve something better than heavy chardonnay!), a fourteen-hour flight to Sydney…

…And it stopped there for other travellers, but we had to disembark, go back through security, and re-board the *Same Plane* a few hours later to fly on to Canberra. It’s ridiculous to go through all of that when the flight between Sydney and Canberra is never more than half an hour! On the other hand, it’s pretty surreal being almost the only person travelling on a giant Boeing 777.

The sunshine and warm weather (mid-twenties when I stepped off the plane) were a nice surprise, as was the smell of spring in the air (though not the hay fever that immediately hit!), and the fact half our local wild birds had dropped by the house within half an hour of me arriving!

Now I can catch up on all those blog posts I want to write…

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