Breaking up my week-long coverage of anti-sexual assault books…

Today we picked up our passports with our shiny new Chinese visas in them. Life is SO much easier when you live in Canberra – the capital city – and no embassy is more than a fifteen-minute drive away! I’ve seen some very stressed people from interstate FLY in to try and sort out their visas. It seems like a nightmare (the poor man from Adelaide I saw last week…).

Am I apprehensive about some aspects of this trip (at the beginning of November)? Yes. Do I have political things to say? Yes, but I think it’s better to stay quiet until then.

My visit to China won’t be long. And I’ll be sharing rooms with my brother. Hopefully they don’t do what they always do, and assume we’re a couple on our honeymoon! Once, in Thailand, they upgraded us to this fantastic, swim-in-swim-out honeymoon suite, and we had to turn it down!

Sonya Natalia Heaney Chinese Tourist Visa 2018

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