Persuasion 1995 – Recently I Learnt…

…That when the 1995 movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion was released on video in the United States, Columbia Tristar decided it wasn’t sexy enough.

And so they replaced the actors on the poster/cover with this:

Columbia Tristar Persuasion 1995

It’s especially appalling as many consider Persuasion 1995 to be the best Jane Austen adaptation. With a cast of renowned theatre actors, it is nothing like that image implies.

For comparison, here is the real leading couple in the movie. (Seriously, that wasn’t sexy enough? This is Jane Austen, not Fabio!). I’m not sure if it still is, but the entire movie used to be available to watch on YouTube.

Persuasion 1995 Jane Austen

3 thoughts on “Persuasion 1995 – Recently I Learnt…

  1. That “improved” poster looks like a vampire version of Persuasion… which might well be a thing. (I mean, if someone can write P&P&Zombies, anything goes.)

    It’s absurd to mess with that version of Persuasion. I’d never imagined how intense it could be to watch a man take a woman’s hand–even if the man in question was Ciaran Hinds.

    1. Maybe back in 1995 people would have been too sensitive to appreciate Zombie Wentworth (after all, that was the year of Colin Firth!).

      ’95 Persuasion grew on me and grew on me. It’s not the most attractive production, and yet the relationship at the centre of it is so intense.

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