Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Melbourne Production

After a few weeks of previews, the red carpet was rolled out in Melbourne over the weekend for the Australian premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which focuses on Harry, Ginny, Ron and Heroine as adults. It’s receiving rave reviews.

Terrifying, mesmerising, magical: Harry Potter lives up to the hype

I’ve been following the show’s development for months, because two of its stars are childhood friends from Canberra.

The Potters Harry (Gareth Reeves), Ginny (Lucy Goleby of Canberra) and Albus (Sean Rees-Wemyss). Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Melbourne Production

The Potters

Lucy Goleby, who plays Ginny, was a close friend of my brother’s growing up, and her older sister was one of my best friends in primary school. And “Hagrid” – Soren Jensen – was in my class at school from when I was twelve onwards (and his younger brother was in the same class as my brother). What a funny little world we live in!

We’re all a bit too old to say we grew up with Harry Potter; I was about to graduate from high school when the first book came out, and back then the series was very squarely aimed at young kids.

The show was first staged in the West End in London in 2016, and then moved to Broadway last year, and has won a mountain of Olivier and Tony Awards.

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