The latest in the current plagiarism drama.

Edited to add a link to a lengthy article covering this in detail, if you have the time to read it.

Here’s an updated look at what Cristiane Serruya has plagiarised. The list of books/articles/etc. she has stolen from keeps on growing,

For heaven’s sake, she even plagiarised Outlander!

What is so incredible is that she got away with it for so long. It is also incredible that so many book bloggers – people who should have recognised these original books – were giving her four and five-star reviews and not even noticing!

Also incredible: Serruya was not only entered in the RITA Awards, but was a judge!

Cristiane Serruya has plagiarism scandal 1

Cristiane Serruya has plagiarism scandal 2

3 thoughts on “The latest in the current plagiarism drama.

  1. If you enter the RITAs, you are required to also be a judge. Thankfully, her entries were re-assigned to another judge. (I’m glad. Otherwise, I would have worried that she might be judging my poor effort.) What boggles the mind still further is that she felt entitled to enter a novel in the contest on the grounds that she bought the words.

    I know people who use ghost writers. I don’t like the idea* but I can sorta see why they would claim it’s a legitimate business strategy. They usually point to Nick Carter and the people who wrote Nancy Drew. But… the people who published books under these ghostwritten pseudonyms never claimed to have actually written them, or tried to submit them for an award.

    *I believe if someone else wrote the novel, or wrote part of the novel, then that person should get credit for their words even if it was a work-for-hire arrangement. That’s the way things will be once I achieve World Domination.

    1. Yes, I should probably have made the RITA situation clearer…

      The – erm – “courage” it took this plagiarist to be so bold is astonishing. I still can’t believe so many prolific reviewers didn’t recognise what was going on. These were very famous books being copied.

      As happy as I am that ghostwriters are getting paid for their work, the idea of writing something and giving someone else the credit baffles me. Just… why? I mean, surely nobody really believed Fabio wrote those ridiculous books back in the day (“Pirate” and such – I can call them ridiculous because I’ve read them!), and it turns out a woman who wrote for him – Eugenia Riley – was an accomplished author in her own right.
      And surely the celebrities will still sell their “autobiographies” even if another writer is credited.

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