More Copyright Drama

Photographer Michael Stokes, who works primarily in male figure studies and fitness models, has done a number of photographs for romance authors. Stolen cover images.

Because there can’t be a week without a plagiarism or copyright drama in Romancelandia, here is the latest. Instead of writing about it, I figured it would be easier to just link to an excellent story on the issue:


Basically, a cover model photographer – Michael Stokes – has discovered self-published authors all over the place are stealing his images for their books.

4 thoughts on “More Copyright Drama

  1. You know, I think not plagiarizing and proper photography usage are both really important things, but I’m kind of surprised the instances where bad actors are revealed become such a big, dramatic things online. A bazillion people self publish–there are naturally going to be plagiarism and copyright issues. Why is this such a drama fest? It’s not at all surprising that things like this happen, to me at least. Just serve the takedown notice, etc, then chalk it up to the Internet being the Internet.

      1. That’s unfortunate for the photographer, but this is simply the cost of putting things online. Like it or not, there is just such a volume of users online that these things happen. If you have images with watermarks, watermarks can be photoshopped away. If you put out an ebook, the DRM can be cracked. Does it suck for creators? Yes–all I’m saying is that it shouldn’t be surprising, and I don’t think there’s really anything meaningful that can be done about it.

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