So: My Big News

Sonya Heaney Book Contract 2019

^^That’s Mine^^

This is what has been happening in my personal life over the past few months. It turns out there are a few people in the world who think my writing isn’t awful – in the space of a few days I received two offers from two publishers to write historical romance, but only a crazy person turns down Harlequin!

It was really stupid to wait so long before submitting anything. I finally got around to it at the end of last year, and by the end of February/beginning of March it was all happening, and now contracts have been signed, cover design information has been submitted etc. I know how lucky I am that it happened so fast.

This is why I am many, many, MANY months behind with my book reviews. I’ve been trying to get my own books written behind the scenes! I’ve hardly had any time to read.

I AM going to review my remaining ARCs (that aren’t exactly *Advance* Review Copies now!), but it’s going to be very unethical to keep reviewing historical romance books after that. I will continue to post HR book news, however.

After seven years, there’s no way I’m ending this blog, but I will be making some old posts private.

My new website is HERE (, but it’s not properly designed yet. One thing at a time…

Oh, and I have a Facebook page, but there’s not much there yet, seeing as the first book is still in the editing stage!


15 thoughts on “So: My Big News

    1. Thank you! Half of what I’ve been feeling since February is ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?!’. However, I’m glad I took my time, worked at developing my writing, and ended up with a contract so fast.

      Now… to finish writing the next two books… The second book is always the scariest.

      1. The series is set in 1880s Australia, but the first book has an English hero, and the second one an English heroine. I have several other half-done manuscripts actually set in Britain, which I plan to put proposals in for once this first trilogy is done.

        Harlequin’s publishing director suggested the first book might come out later this year. I hope so, especially as I’m going overseas for all of September, and want it edited and ready to go before that happens.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 When the Harlequin offer came by email one evening, I thought it was spam and nearly deleted it. That would have been the end to my writing career before it even began!

      (Also, I LOVE that kitten in your picture.)

    1. Thank you. 🙂 The series is Victorian (because I can’t seem to stop going on and on and on about my love for the era!), but set in Australia in the 1880s. So… sort of Victorian English culture mixed with America’s Wild West! I’m actually surprised publishers were willing to go with a setting that almost nobody uses, and I nearly didn’t submit this manuscript because of that.

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