The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (The Cavanaughs #2) by Stephanie Laurens

The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (The Cavanaughs #2) by Stephanie Laurens

A Gentleman of Means

One of the most eligible bachelors in London, Lord Christopher “Kit” Cavanaugh has discovered his true path and it doesn’t include the expected society marriage. Kit is all business and has chosen the bustling port of Bristol to launch his passion—Cavanaugh Yachts.

A Woman of Character

Miss Sylvia Buckleberry’s passion is her school for impoverished children. When a new business venture forces the school out of its building, she must act quickly. But confronting Kit Cavanaugh is a daunting task made even more difficult by their first and only previous meeting, when, believing she’d never see him again, she’d treated him dismissively. Still, Sylvia is determined to be persuasive.

An Unstoppable Duo

But it quickly becomes clear there are others who want the school—and Cavanaugh Yachts—closed. Working side by side, Kit and Sylvia fight to secure her school and to expose the blackguard trying to sabotage his business. Yet an even more dastardly villain lurks, one who threatens the future both discover they now hold dear.

The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (The Cavanaughs #2) by Stephanie Laurens

I really appreciate a well-researched Victorian era book, and there’s no doubt Stephanie Laurens knows her stuff. I did find that The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh took a while to get going, and the pacing (slow at the start) is something I’ve noticed in a lot of Harlequin historicals, which leads me to believe it’s the style the publisher prefers.

This is the second book in a series – a series I’ve not read the first book of. I get the impression both hero and heroine were featured in the earlier book, and I think I might have enjoyed watching the evolution of their relationship over both instalments.

My issue with the beginning of this one is that the first quarter is about only one incident. For the first 25%(ish) of the story, all we see are hero and heroine moving a boys’ school from one building to another. We see every step of the boys moving chalk, and desks, and books, and… It was beautifully written, and SO well-researched, but it was still 20 000+ words of people moving furniture.

I also get the historically accurate situation of only boys getting an education, but I wasn’t that enamoured reading about male privilege in a romance novel…

On the other hand, the author seems to be well familiar with her setting, and it made a big difference to have all the personal, realistic touches, and that’s what kept me reading.

Laurens is a prominent author in the genre, and you know you’re going to get a quality story. In the case of THIS book, I’d recommend persisting beyond the slowish start.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.


On a side note: Kavanaugh/Cavanaugh is a pretty unfortunate surname for this moment, considering the news!

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