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I’ve been noticing something for a while now, and I get the impression I’m not the only one who does this:

When I reread, so often the titles I pick up I rated three or four stars on Goodreads, rather than the best-written books I’ve read.

Maybe I didn’t particularly love the main characters, but I loved the angst-filled storyline. Or maybe some of the dialogue is so smart or so funny, but the plot is a mess. Or maybe there’re a couple of scenes I love to pieces, even if the rest of the book fell short.

It’s across every genre: romance, and not romance. Historical fiction, paranormal and urban fantasy, suspense, contemporaries.

I wish I could remember where, but a while ago I read an article that said there’s such thing as a “five star book”, and such thing as a “great read”, and that they often don’t match up.

Luckily, they often DO. I have a favourites shelf on Goodreads with over a hundred books on it.

However, sometimes an author can write a book I otherwise dislike, but I just keep on picking it back up to reread because they’ve captured something like nobody else has managed to.


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