Zombies or Maria von Trapp?

Since this pandemic began I’ve noticed people tend to go one way or the other with their entertainment choices: fluffy, happy books and movies – or anything to do with a zombie apocalypse.

The Sound of Music has been on TV so many times in the past few weeks I’ve started screaming at the screen (I mean, seriously, why do they hide in the mausoleum thingy at the end when their getaway car is parked Right Next To Them?!).


I’m definitely not a zombie apocalypse sort of person, but last night Warm Bodies was on, and even though parts were kind of disgusting, it was also hilarious – and had a romance at the centre of the story!

If you can get past the fact the zombie romantic hero falls in love with the human heroine by eating her dead boyfriend’s brains and seeing his memories, it’s worth your time. I mean, it’s utter silly trash, but maybe we need that at the moment. You’ll even get an appearance by John Malkovich and a happy ending!

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