Rereading Old Favourites

Her Best Friend by Sarah Mayberry

I know I’m not the only one who’s been rereading a lot of favourite books in the past few, pandemic-stricken months.

One book I picked up (well, opened on my Kindle!) is Her Best Friend by Sarah Mayberry, which was published ten years ago, and which is the book that convinced me to read more category romances.

The book is due to be rereleased in a few months.

A recent discussion amongst authors showed the general consensus is the Superromance line was amazing and should never have been discontinued. Australian author Mayberry and Kiwi author Karina Bliss were two of my absolute favourites, writing realistic, complicated characters.

Her Best Friend is about a woman who stayed in her hometown to pursue her dream of buying and restoring an Art Deco theatre. It used to belong to her family and is now under threat from developers. Amy has been in love with her best friend for sixteen years, but he married another woman from town and moved away to live in the city and have a big, flashy legal career.

Cue angst!

What makes this book stand out is how real the characters feel – from their conversations to their choices to their mistakes. I’ve read more books than I can count, but this one still resonates with me.

My only complaint: how heavily the editors Americanised the language and terminology. There’re a lot of words (and systems of measurement!) we don’t use here!

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