Stealing books isn’t a basic human right!

There’s been a big drama in the publishing world recently, involving an “internet archive” that has been lending pirated books to readers:

The lawsuit, filed June 1, does not just object to the National Emergency Library but to the way Internet Archive has long operated. Traditional libraries pay publishers licensing fees, and agree to terms that restrict how many times they can lend an e-book. Internet Archive, by contrast, takes books that have been donated or purchased, scans them and posts them online.

Now they’ve finally been stopped the internet has exploded …

… with people who are FURIOUS they can’t get all their books for free. Well I’m also furious.



The outraged book pirates on Twitter are trying to frame this as a human rights issue. It’s not. Arguments like this are beyond selfish and stupid:

book piracy defenders 1

book piracy defenders 2

2 thoughts on “Stealing books isn’t a basic human right!

  1. I know authors facing book piracy when they’re facing homelessness,, hunger, childcare bills, and more. To call wanting to be paid for work selfish is ridiculous. No one can work for free, yet book thieves demand it. The true selfishness is their way of thinking. Public libraries exist for this and a library card costs nothing.

    1. Yes. The arts – including books – is the only area where people honestly seem to believe they’re entitled to steal a person’s work and income. The hoops people will jump through to justify it … Sigh.

      Writing is the hardest and most time-consuming job I’ve ever had. I definitely don’t owe anyone my work for free!

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