To Australians (and everyone else!): what not to do this weekend.

Oliver Stone illegally hanging out with one of the world’s most wanted men.

Please don’t watch Oliver Stone’s pro-Putin propaganda “documentary” that is starting in Australia this weekend (and I believe is on about the same time in other countries). Please just don’t.

It is no different to watching and supporting a film praising Hitler.

And, for the love of God, don’t become one of those authors who watches the well-crafted lies, gets all turned around, and recommends Stone’s propaganda to their substantial fanbase on Facebook!!

Stone is a Western mouthpiece for the Kremlin, and has close family connections to Moscow propaganda network “RT News” – previously known as Russia Today, but they don’t want you to remember that.

(By the way, it’d be nice if authors stopped sharing RT stories on Twitter and Facebook – just because it’s in English and comes up on top of search results doesn’t mean it’s safe, or *true*.).

RT is already illegal in some countries because it spreads dangerous lies.

There’s heaps to do on a Sunday. But watching this nonsense about Putin should not be one of them. It’s immoral, and SBS TV – allegedly Australia’s champion for truth and justice and human rights – should be ashamed for allowing it on their station. Despite years of campaigning by the Ukrainian community, they also refuse to remove RT News – with its endless fake news stories about Ukrainians crucifying Russian babies and flying swastikas in the streets – from their network.

Read a book. Have a glass of wine or four. SLEEP!! But please have some morals this weekend and boycott SBS.

London – again.

I’m postponing my review of The Secret Marriage Pact until tomorrow.

It’s a little hard to pick and choose what tragedy to be sad about these days (I will point out that there’s been a severe escalation in fighting in Ukraine in the past couple of weeks – it’s not on the news).

However, I’m going to have to do a “Poor London” post #3 for the year, because of the fire yesterday.

I spent more than half of the time I lived in London renting not too far from where this disaster happened. You can see my street in the Notting Hill area (the curvy streets on the right) in the picture.

The nature of this event is shocking, as is the obvious corruption that helped to cause it.

At least 200 firefighters and 40 engines on the scene of a huge fire at Grenfell Tower in Latimer Road, near Notting Hill, in West London. 14th June 2017.

Poor London – again

I know better than anyone that there’re terrible things in the world that get no media attention, while other things are focused on by the media the world over. But these London attacks…

For the first year I lived in London I walked the exact route Saturday night’s terrorists took every week. I lived and worked in that general area, and crossed London Bridge (note, ignorant media and celebrities: not Tower Bridge!) all the time.

The world has lost its mind.

Sonya Heaney Christiopher Heaney London Big Ben Westminster Bridge February 2017