I accidentally got logged out of this blog earlier, and when I saw my site the way other people do, I was horrified!

The generated ads were awful! I had all these pictures of someone with a weird leg disease.

I’ve paid for an upgrade so that doesn’t happen anymore. Sorry!!

April Fools’ Day

It’s the first of April, which means April Fools’ Day. There’s one prank South Africa’s Kruger National Park pulled last year that has been driving me insane ever since, because millions of people around the world fell for it, and it’s still turning up in my social media feeds.

In fact, I saw it all over Facebook on the weekend – and someone had elaborated on the original (fake!) story:

The elephant carrying a lion cub.

This. Did. Not. Happen!

The folks at Kruger posted a story on their Twitter account last year. It was so farfetched, but few seemed to think that – or notice the date:

Elephant_side-view_Kruger april fool's day prank lioness cub kruger national park south africa 2017

Here is the original image (from Wikimedia Commons), which – yes – IS from Kruger National Park, but – NO! – does not include any tired lions needing elephant assistance!

800px-Elephant_side-view_Kruger april fool's day prank lioness cub kruger national park south africa 2017

Our (In)Famous Canberra Kangaroo

Today is Canberra Day, which means a public holiday for people in the Australian Capital Territory. It seems like a good day to share the latest Canberra kangaroo video to make the world news!

Every so often a kangaroo story from this city “goes viral” – a consequence of our city being the “Bush Capital”, and of a kangaroo population explosion that means you see them jumping around the streets.

This time, it’s a Canberra paraglider who landed, only to be attacked by a passing eastern grey kangaroo. Watch the video – I love how he says hello to it, only to be attacked. He changes his tune very fast!

Bonus Story: this kangaroo in a standoff with a dog last week, five minutes’ walk from here!

Heading Off

I’m going away today, and will be on a farm near the coast in rural New South Wales until the beginning of next week (and skipping the Canberra heatwave!). From what I know about the property I’m staying on, I’ll have VERY limited internet access. I have a couple of blog posts scheduled for the time I’m away.

I know there are a few people I’m expecting to hear from between now and New Year, and this is your warning I might not be accessing my email until Monday afternoon!

75 Years Ago: Kyiv, Ukraine in Ruins.

The Second Battle of Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine concluded in freezing conditions on the 22nd of December, 1943, when the Red Army defeated the occupying Germans.

The first battle took place as part of the infamous Operation Barbarossa in 1941, when the Soviets were defeated, and over 600 000 were killed or captured in the Ukrainian capital. Comparatively, around four-thousand Ukrainians were recorded as dead or missing in the second battle.

This photograph, shortly after the Nazi defeat, shows the major boulevard Khreshchatyk, Ukraine’s most famous street, in ruins.

Kiev_Kreschatik_after_liberation_November_1943 Khreshchatyk Kyiv Ukraine Second World War Two