Australia Day

Increasingly controversial as it is, tomorrow is Australia Day, marking 231 years since the British First Fleet arrived in New South Wales.

Here’s a publication from 1901, announcing the “new” Australian flag.


The edition of the Review of Reviews; front cover signed by Egbert Nuttall, after the winning designers of the 1901 Federal Flag design competition were announced. Australian flag 1901

And things aren’t going to be very comfortable for the official, mostly outdoor events here in Canberra (the capital city), that run over the 25th-26th!

The Week: 30th January – 5th February


Tuesday sunset in Canberra

I am heading to Venice on Friday, and I have NOT packed! I am off to Spain again a few months later, and have just been in Europe for two months, and I’m becoming a bit blasé about it.

We are ALMOST at the end of our nonstop run of present-giving events for another year. We have two Christmases (old and new calendars), and then almost every family birthday – all in the space of a month and a half. By the end it is nearly impossible to think of anything to give.

We finish with my birthday on Tuesday, but when we get back from Europe in March we start up with Easter (again – we have two)!


The war in Ukraine FINALLY made it back into the news this week, because Russia picked the Donald Trump distraction as an excellent time to step up their invasion of Ukraine. Now the media is calling it “Europe’s forgotten war” – and here I am thinking: no European should ever have “forgotten” that thousands of people are dying on their own continent while they pay attention to others!


Donald Trump is on a roll. He is making enemies of pretty much everyone on the planet, and again took a swipe at Australia this week. Not that he needs to work hard: we already hate the man!

My review of Mogul (The Knickerbocker Club #3) by Joanna Shupe


My review of Wed by Necessity (Smoky Mountain Matches #10) by Karen Kirst


Coming up for Lisa Kleypas


New Cover for Madeline Hunter


Book to watch out for?


Cover Love


This disturbing book cover…

Just in time for Australia Day!

Now, I know lots of bad books were produced a few decades ago (this is from 1957). However, this one is a little different. Originally called Eliza Callaghan, it is based on the life of a real – famouswoman who was transported to Australia as a convict in the early 1800s.


Here is a little bit of reality to go alongside the porn-tastic cover. This is what convicts of the time really looked like. A little less porny, I think!:


The Week: 19th – 25th January

Canberra Australia Sunset 22nd January 2015

Canberra sunset on Thursday.

My father’s birthday today! And Australia Day tomorrow. This time of year is a never-ending mess for us. Two Christmases. Two New Years. My grandmother’s, aunt’s, father’s, mother’s and my birthdays. The amount of money that goes into the start of the year…

For Ukraine, what a horrible, horrible week this was. Some 300 Ukrainians were killed by Russian terrorists. CafePress is now selling merchandise with the symbol of the Russian terrorist organisation responsible for the war. Many of us have reported their products. MORE people should report this. It’s sickening to see.

It’s no different to selling Nazi-themed merchandise. Or Al Qaeda t-shirts. Or ISIS-pride things!

Also, I was offered a review copy of Kresley Cole’s latest Russian mafia romance. Because that’s totally something to romanticise.

Shame on you, Kresley Cole. Shame on you.

It has been hot and muggy in Canberra this week. And our cat – that isn’t actually our cat – just keeps coming for visits!

What I want to see in 2015: Historical Romance

When the Rogue Returns by Sabrina Jeffries

Defending the Indefensible

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Book Sale Stuff

Customers in the Book Department at Selfridge's department store in London during 1942.

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Ace's Wild by Sarah McCarty

The Week: 20th – 26th January

Happy Australia Day!

Ukraine Protest

This has been a horrible week – not for me personally, but for the country half my family members are from: Ukraine.

Something that has infuriated me my whole life is that everyone thinks Ukraine (note: not THE Ukraine – that’s an insulting term for the country) is just an extension of Russia. Every Ukrainian celebrity, sportsperson, writer, artist, composer, Cossack, warrior, borsch! is known by most people as “Russian” – which means nobody knows anything about Ukraine’s struggles against Russia.

ukrainian soldiers shooting at a priest

As a consequence, the Western media has been reporting the current situation in Ukraine in total ignorance. Unarmed people are being tortured, murdered, shot by snipers, and nobody understands what’s going on. The (pro-Russian, anti-Ukrainian) Ukrainian government has just ordered so much new ammunition that it’s clear they’re preparing for a serious war situation.

Protests in Kyiv Ukraine

I have family members in the middle of the protests in the capital city, Kyiv (note: not KIEV – that’s the Russian name!). One is guarding one of the entrances to the heart of the protests. To know there’re snipers there, ready to take out anyone they think is protesting too enthusiastically… well, it’s not a good time for my family, or for Ukraine.

On another note, here is my week in books:

What I want out of 2014 – Contemporary Romance

Sarah Mayberry Julie James Contemporary Romance Book Covers

My review of Unleashing Mr Darcy by Teri Wilson

Unleashing Mr Darcy by Teri Wilson

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Once Upon a Valentine by Allison Leigh

My review of When the Rogue Returns by Sabrina Jeffries

When the Rogue Returns by Sabrina Jeffries