The Week: 12th – 18th December


Our summer roses, still managing to grow, despite some hot, sunny days.


Summer Sunset

So, this week, after more than 1.5 years, Daniela’s murderer and rapist was sentenced, after finally being forced to confess (and after being filmed running from police after being recognised). He didn’t get the worst sentence, but he did get a couple of decades.


Good to see this week that the frighteningly pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian (even after MH17!) Dutch finally ruled the large collection of ancient gold artifacts from Crimea, that were on display in the Netherlands when Russia invaded Ukraine, must go back to Ukraine. Sure, it’s about the only thing anyone has done to help since the invasion and annexation of Crimea, but it’s something – for once.


Another year, and another set of Christmas cards to Ukrainian family returned because of the war with Russia.

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Book-Based Christmas Movie


What I’ll be picking up this week.


Cover Love

Bound by a Scandalous Secret

One of the funnier titles with “Christmas” in it…


The Week: 5th – 11th December


Here are three pictures of our AMAZING Canberra sunsets this week. I haven’t touched the pictures up; this is just what it looks like here in summer!



It’s nearly Christmas, and I’m not getting anything done! It seems there’re a thousand people one has to have lunch with in December, which means I’ve spent more time hanging out in the city, or at pubs in various parts of town, than I have actually achieving stuff!


Can we STOP talking about TIME Magazine like Hitler and Trump were the only monsters they picked, like Stalin and Putin weren’t also some of their “winners” who they named “Man” or “Person” of the Year?! Four maniacs, and TIME thinks it’s cute and cool to feature them like that. (The year after Putin was given the “honour”, he started invading countries – Georgia first.)

By the way: TIME only changed it from “Man” of the year to “Person” in 1999. That’s pretty disgusting. Only a few years ago…


I got my hands on a review copy of one of my most anticipated reads of 2017 this week, and no way was I waiting until next year to start it! I’m only 25% in now, and I love it, but I cannot understand why they have that female model in the terribly-fitted gown on the cover, when the heroine is supposed to be a stunning blonde…

However, READ THIS SERIES. It’s one of my favourites – ever. Even if the author thinks Stalin is a turn-on.

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There are book covers…

The Bite Before Christmas by Heidi Betts

Christmas Book Sculpture


Book Christmas Trees


The Week: 26th September – 2nd October


Stormy sky on the way home from Queanbeyan, NSW on Friday afternoon.

We had a public holiday on Monday, and I went out to the pub on Friday, so this seemed like a very short week! We have ANOTHER holiday this coming Monday, too!

I spent the public holiday visiting the Australian War Memorial, and then the Kingston Foreshore. It was a nice (if windy) day, but then the craziness started. South Australia had this freak storm, and the entire state lost power – South Australia is 1.5 times the size of Texas. The tail end of the storm reached us a couple of days later, which meant our Floriade spring festival and night festival had to be closed for a couple of days.

This time last year I was in full summer dress!

Congratulations to my cousin, who danced her final National Irish Dance Championships yesterday, held in Hobart this year.

This article disgusts me. Having been to school through the early John Howard years, where public education was stripped and stripped and stripped of money, to the point they couldn’t even afford to maintain the toilets, and all our textbooks were fifteen years out of date hand-me-downs from the private schools… I’m so angry about this:

Some private schools receive nearly three times the funding they are entitled to

In other countries it’s illegal to use government funding for private education!

That’s my rant for the week!

Australian War Memorial Canberra


Lisa Kleypas’ Upcoming Book

Devil in Spring (2017) (The third book in the Ravenels series) A novel by Lisa Kleypas

The thirty-second anniversary of…

Ghost of a Chance by Jayne Ann Krentz

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Elizabeth Gaskell’s Birthday

1832 portrait of English writer and biographer Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-65)

This is a real book…

The Feminists by Parley J. Cooper

Published in 1971, The Feminists is apparently some fear-mongering futuristic nightmare sort of thing where women got rights and ruined the world.

I wish it was funny, but it just pisses me off.

“1992: To Be A Man Is A Sin, To Take A Woman Is A Crime…They rule the world, and top dog is a bitch! A small band of men and their women go underground to fight the final battle of the sexes!”

Quite the Cover!

This cover is only thirteen years old! No matter how many romance covers I see, I still don’t understand why or how the kneeling/wind machine/flowing fabric/80s hair thing is supposed to appeal to women.

Vorador hadn’t felt so incompetent since his days as an untried sorcerer. The girl who leapt after her cat and into his arms caused his simplest spells to backfire — quite literally setting his hair ablaze. But it was another part of his anatomy altogether that burned for the saucy blonde.

Spellbound in Seattle by Garthia Anderson

Catholic school tells gay author Will Kostakis his speaking visit no longer ‘appropriate’

Catholic school tells gay author Will Kostakis his speaking visit no longer ‘appropriate’

Australia used  to be the land of firsts. For example, giving women the vote. Here in Canberra, we HAVE legalised gay marriage, but it was overturned by the High Court of Australia.

Now? We’re about on par with Saudi Arabia! I’m Catholic, but sometimes the Australian (Irish) Catholic church is monstrous.

Young Adult Author Will Kostakis

“A Catholic school has cancelled a speaking visit from an award-winning gay author of young adult books because his new book – which includes a gay character – has been deemed “not appropriate”.

Will Kostakis, 26, came out as gay on his blog last week after an ex-boyfriend of his was diagnosed with cancer.

Just days later he received a cancellation email from a teacher at De La Salle College in Revesby Heights, in Sydney, where he had done a successful speaking visit last year.  

“We have a concern about promoting your new book at our school as it is a Catholic school,” the email reads.

“We were reading over your blog and I think it might not be appropriate, and parents might not be happy.”

A romance with a man and a… very large dog?

There has been a trend recently for romance covers with a man and a dog – and no woman.

I’ve heard from more than one reader that they don’t like to see attractive women with “their” heroes on book covers (which sort of smacks of misogyny!), but I’ve got to say, I find the man-and-dog covers a little… creepy.

Honestly, book covers like these make me think of some sort of cross-species, bestiality romance!

 Chasing Victory (The Winters Sisters) by Joanne Jaytanie Payton's Pursuit (The Winters Sisters) by Joanne Jaytanie

Soul Scars (Dog Haven Sanctuary Romance, #2) by Tamsan GibbIrresistible Force (K-9 Rescue, #1) by D.D. Ayres