The Humiliations of Pipi McGee by Beth Vrabel

The Humiliations of Pipi McGee by Beth Vrabel

The first eight years of Penelope McGee’s education have been a curriculum in humiliation. Now she is on a quest for redemption, and a little bit of revenge.

From her kindergarten self-portrait as a bacon with boobs, to fourth grade when she peed her pants in the library thanks to a stuck zipper to seventh grade where…well, she doesn’t talk about seventh grade. Ever.

After hearing the guidance counselor lecturing them on how high school will be a clean slate for everyone, Pipi–fearing that her eight humiliations will follow her into the halls of Northbrook High School–decides to use her last year in middle school to right the wrongs of her early education and save other innocents from the same picked-on, laughed-at fate. Pipi McGee is seeking redemption, but she’ll take revenge, too.

The Humiliations of Pipi McGee by Beth Vrabel

Every so often I dive into the world of fiction for young readers, and when I came across The Humiliations of Pipi McGee up for review, I thought it was time for me to do it again.

I don’t have time to read a lot of middle grade fiction, but whenever I do I’m reminded what a strong genre it is. Aimed at the crowd who are still just a little too young for YA fiction, it is a genre full of solid, smart writing that doesn’t talk down to its audience.

Author Beth Vrabel writes witty characters, includes diversity seamlessly, and has created a heroine every girl will be able to identify with.

Heroine Pipi might be an accident-prone klutz, but she’s not an idiot, and Vrabel has figured out how to create some balance in her characterisation. She also has all kinds of solid friendships and positive characters, and doesn’t revert to irritating stereotypes.

This book was a nice change from my usual reads.


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