The Week: 27th November – 3rd December

Canberra Australia Last Day of Spring Flowers Purple Garden Nature Blue Sky Sonya Heaney 30th November 2017

The last day of spring in Canberra.

I should have a Christmas tree picture to put up by now, but this week has been all packing boxes and people moving, so I’m going to do it on Monday instead.

I’ll say this about what’s coming out of America and the Russia investigation: Should’ve listened to Ukrainians years ago, should’ve listened to Ukrainians years ago, should’ve listened to Ukrainians years ago, should’ve listened to Ukrainians years ago!

This Trump corruption was about lifting sanctions on Russia. Those sanctions are in place because Russia has invaded and occupied Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova. They are STILL invading Ukraine, killing thousands upon thousands along the way.

Those sanctions are meant to stop Russia killing more Ukrainians and Russian dissenters. And Trump supporters are fine with those deaths. This investigation is FAR more than just America.

My review of A Good Day to Marry a Duke by Betina Krahn

A Good Day to Marry a Duke by Betina Krahn

Movie Trailer for Jill Shalvis

The Trouble With Mistletoe (Heartbreaker Bay #2) by Jill Shalvis

Summer Reads

Whisper Falls by Toni Blake

Christmas Book Craft

Santa. Christmas Book Folding Pattern.





A Good Day to Marry a Duke by Betina Krahn

A Good Day to Marry a Duke by Betina Krahn

Daisy Bumgarten isn’t thrilled to be trying to catch a duke’s attention while dressed like a flower pot caught in a swarm of butterflies. But, after all, when in Rome (or in this case London society). . . . Since her decidedly disastrous debut among New York’s privileged set, the sassy Nevada spitfire’s last chance to “marry well” lies across the pond, here in England. If she must restrain her free spirit, not to mention her rib cage, so be it. She knows she owes it to her three younger sisters to succeed . . .
Now, under a countess’s tutelage, Daisy appears the perfect duchess-in-training . . . Until notorious ladies’ man Lord Ashton Graham, a distraction of the most dangerous kind, glimpses her mischievous smile and feisty nature–and attempts to unmask her motives. Daisy has encountered snakes on the range, but one dressed to the nines in an English drawing room is positively unnerving–and maddeningly seductive. When a veiled plot emerges to show up Daisy as unworthy of the aristocracy, will Ashton be her worst detractor? Or the nobleman she needs most of all?

A Good Day to Marry a Duke by Betina Krahn

The second half of the Victorian era is my favourite historical period, and so the 1880s setting of A Good Day to Marry a Duke was interesting to me. It helped that it was really well researched, and included little bits and pieces that made this very clearly a *Victorian*, not Regency romance.

I was a little worried about the heroine at first, because she is totally out of control at the beginning, and I couldn’t see how she could fit into the British aristocracy in any way. From the “Wild West” of America, she does try (some of the time), and I was convinced by her maturing over the course of the book.

The hero was an interesting combination of “typical historical romance hero” and scholar, which made him stand out from most.

However, I wasn’t all that happy with all the physical contact between the two right from the outset. Apart from all that kissing making very little sense at first, the first time they touch the hero TOUCHES HER BREAST – before even knowing her name! If a man did that *today* it would be weird and wrong. A century or two ago? I didn’t like that.

As I said, I enjoyed all the historical touches. The rail travel and the Worth fashions and all the things that mark the era as late-Victorian. It was a time of so much change and so much innovation, and the author really showed that.

One thing I struggled with was the heroine’s name: Daisy Bumgarten. What in the world…?

Overall, this is a solid start to a new series.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.