I accidentally got logged out of this blog earlier, and when I saw my site the way other people do, I was horrified!

The generated ads were awful! I had all these pictures of someone with a weird leg disease.

I’ve paid for an upgrade so that doesn’t happen anymore. Sorry!!

Does a Fiction Author Need a Blog?


Recently Romance University had a great post:

Does a Fiction Author Need a Blog? by Anne R. Allen

It is really worth a read.

I use Twitter for news, and avoid Facebook most of the time, but it seems the entire book community has shifted to those sites and almost totally abandoned decent discussion. (Plus, Twitter is all about the cliques.) Worse, social media sites now (including others like Instagram) don’t run in chronological order, so you might not see something until days after it has been posted.

The almost total collapse of book message boards – and message boards in general – means that blogs are about the only place left for readers and authors – and yet so many people seem to be abandoning those, too.

I really, really, highly recommend giving the article a read.

Just a note…

My faithful old computer went kaput tonight, so  I’m in the process of trying to set up a new one (with programs I DO NOT understand!) and trying to remember all my passwords… 🙂

Most of my blogs have posts that I scheduled months ago coming up, and I have NOT proofread them since then (and now it’s dawn, I don’t have time to). I have no idea what will be posted across my multiple blogs etc. in the next week or so!

What is more upsetting is that I don’t think I’m going to recover the ten-thousand word document I just worked on for the last few days, nor a number of weeks’ worth of other things… 😦

You would think that after only a first year living in Korea, when I lost TWO computers (one stolen in a home invasion, and the other killed by a glass of wine on Christmas Day) that I would be better at saving my files every day! I got lazy, but do it!

On another note: it is Ukrainian New Year now, so – I beg you! – have a drink for me, because I’m too stressed to! (That’s not true. I bet I do!)

But, by God, do I want that precious document back!