The Week: 3rd – 9th June

Here are a couple of images from the day-long 50th anniversary commemorations for the Battle of Binh Ba in Canberra on Thursday, which were broadcast live on TV. (If you’re an avid war history fan, you can still watch the whole thing online!)

The first one shows the Minister for Veterans and Defence on the left, and Vietnam veterans from the official party on the right. My father is the veteran in the centre. It was SO sunny that we were all blinded and melting by the end, despite it being the first week of winter!

Battle of Binh Ba 50th Anniversary Anzac Parade, Canberra, Australia 6th June 2019 Ray De Vere Chris Heaney Vietnam Veterans Vietnam War

The second image is from the Last Post ceremony at the Australian War Memorial the same evening. The ceremony was dedicated to Binh Ba veterans in general, and to the sole Australian killed in the fighting in particular. (There was also a British D-Day veteran present.) Afterwards, veterans and their families were lined up for a photograph – I’m one of the dots on the left of the picture!

Veterans and the families of those who served. Battle of Binh Ba, Vietnam, 50th anniversary. Last Post Ceremony #awmemorial cbr.

We had a formal dinner that night. You don’t know what it’s like to party until you’ve done it with Vietnam veterans! We overstayed our welcome in the ballroom, were moved up to the rooftop bar – and then overstayed our welcome there!

My Cover!

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My review of Resurgent by Brynley Blake

Resurgent by Brynley Blake

Resurgent by Brynley Blake

Resurgent by Brynley Blake

Never Underestimate the Power of F*ck It

It’s the motto I live by, and it’s what made me the Navy SEAL I am today. I’ve learned the less you care, the better. But when I wake up in a hospital in India with no memory of the last few months, I’m at a loss. Everything points to me being involved with some dangerous people.

People who kidnapped my little sister’s best friend Charlotte—who’s haunted my dreams, and now is making my reality a living hell.

I can’t remember what I’ve supposedly done, or who’s trying to kill us. All I know is that I have to find Charlotte and get us both out of this mess alive.

Only I hadn’t counted on Charlotte having her own agenda…

Resurgent by Brynley Blake

This is a quick read that’s part of a series, but the author promises can be read as a standalone. However, I’ve seen other reviewers mention a person will get much more out of the story by reading them in order (this is book three).

One thing that won’t appeal to all readers of adult (as in, not YA or NA) romances: Resurgent is written in the first person.

Is amnesia making a comeback as a theme? This book uses the trope, and it’s the first one I’ve come across in years that does. However, I have seen at least one editor recently requesting amnesia manuscripts. Everything old is new again…

Because of its length, this is a fast-paced book (appreciated in the romantic suspense genre), and I do think because of that, reading in order is preferable so that you know the characters better.

The series seems to have a devoted following, but I must admit I prefer books about the over-twenty-fives to be written in third person.


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