The Week: 6th – 12th May

Busy week this week. I have edits to do on my book (which has a new title, but I won’t share it until everything is confirmed), and I was editing a book for someone else. Plus something weird happened to my email and I lost some important things, while other important emails (i.e. from my publisher, HarperCollins!) started going to my junk folder and I missed them!

Storm Cursed Out Now


Recently Reread: Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen’s most famous novel, Pride and Prejudice, was published on the 28th of January 1813. Here is the front page from a first edition copy of the book.

This Cover

Unleashed by Caitlin Crews

This Cover…

Unleashed by Caitlin Crews

Harlequin’s new(ish) Dare line is trying something really different with their covers. I can’t stop looking at this one. Unlike so many other category romance covers, the people look so real.

Along with Entangled Publishing’s Autumn line, it’s good to see some characters who don’t look like they’ve just graduated from their teens!

The Week: 16th – 22nd June

 Canberra Australia Lake Burley Griffin 21st June 2014 Sonya Heaney Michael Heaney

Picture taken by my brother on a bike ride around Canberra yesterday morning.

What a week. Things just get worse and worse in relation to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Catholic church in Sydney was trashed by Russians on Friday night. Russians are writing burn in hell on the walls? It’s not Ukrainians who will be burning in hell when this is over, Putin.

This isn’t just an Eastern European situation; Vladimir Putin’s propaganda is spreading far and wide. I don’t know whether I’m more angry or sad. What happened to Russia?

 Look what Russians did to the Ukrainian church in Sydney, Australia. 20-21june2014

Russian propaganda spray-painted on the outside of the Ukrainian church.

I read heaps this week, including some novellas. I tried to force myself to read things I wasn’t necessarily in the mood for – I need some more variety in my reading! So I read contemporary stories, urban fantasy, historical fiction…

My review of Written in my Heart by Caroline Linden


My review of Million-Dollar Maverick by Christine Rimmer

Million-Dollar Maverick by Christine Rimmer

My review of One Night with a Cowboy by Elizabeth Otto

One Night with a Cowboy by Elizabeth Otto

My review of Night of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle

Night of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle

My review of Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews

Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews

Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews

Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews

Book #2 in the Fifth Avenue trilogy


Hunter Talbot Grant III, sports figure du jour, wealthy beyond measure and disreputable by choice, has cultivated a reputation that masks the shadows of his past. When the opportunity to ensure financial destruction for Jason Treffen arises, he can’t refuse. But first he must shake off the woman sent to tame him!

Zoe Brook, PR agent extraordinaire, never fails to transform a tarnished star. And Hunter’s no different. Except there’s a catch. Beneath their scorching mutual attraction, Zoe has a secret—she’s also been on the wrong side of Jason Treffen, and she has as much of a taste for revenge as Hunter does!

Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews

I get twitchy spelling Scandalise with a Z!

This is the second book in the Fifth Avenue trilogy. I think people should read them in order, because they are connected stories, all based on the suicide of an abused woman ten years ago.

With this trilogy, the Harlequin Presents line has done something really different. This line is defined by rich and powerful men, but instead of the standard (not particularly nice!) tycoons and sheikhs, these men are more realistic, more along the lines of powerful men you might actually find in real life. On top of that, the women are strong. In the case of the heroine of this book, she is also an extremely successful career woman in her own right.

I really like the style of these books. I’m not usually a reader who goes for the whole rich and powerful cliché in contemporary fiction, but these are much more approachable reads.

Caitlin Crews is an author I’ve read before. Her books tend to feel very “wordy”. Of course, the word length is no different to other books in the line, but they feel that way. There’s a great deal more in the way of internal monologues and thinking about emotions than there is dialogue. I know she’s a favourite author among many, but I found the first book in this series – by Maisey Yates – to be more interesting.

Overall, this is turning out to be a very interesting series. I’m glad the newer, less sleazy cover designs convinced me to take a chance on a type of story I usually run away from!


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