The Week: 20th – 26th August

U.S. Senator John McCain @SenJohnMcCain , Ukraine's friend and greatest US supporter.

Edit: R.I.P. to John McCain.

What an absolutely stupid week in Australian politics. We seem to change Prime Ministers faster than Donald Trump changes staff!

Weirdly, on Thursday afternoon, right after some of the worst drama in Parliament here in Canberra unfolded, I stepped outside and a group of fighter jets flew straight over me. (I’ve been around them many times before, but GOD, those things are loud). People in Canberra were joking that a military coup had begun.

Maybe we need one!

One Week

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Children’s Book Week

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Curious Zelda in a Book!

Curious Zelda The Cat

On this day: Human Rights in Canada

Ukrainian Independence Day

National Dog Day

On this day: human rights in Canada

Ukrainians in Castle Mountain concentration camp in 1915.

The 22nd of August, 1914 saw the passing of Canada’s War Measures Act. The act would result in government-sanctioned human rights abuses against Canadians of largely Ukrainian origin.

Ukrainians were declared “enemy aliens” and thousands were put into concentration camps to be used for slave labour across Canada. They were seen as enemies because the western regions of their homeland were under Austro-Hungarian rule at the outbreak of the First World War.

Some 80 000 Ukrainians who weren’t imprisoned were still required to register as enemy aliens and barred from leaving the country.

Plaque and statue at Castle Mountain near Banff.

The infamous Castle Mountain Internment Camp in Alberta saw prisoners used to work in the national parks, where they established the groundwork for the massive tourism to Banff and Lake Louise seen today.

Abuses at the camp were widespread, and were reported as far away as Britain.

Internment continued for two years after the war ended.

Kapuskasing_ON_3The Ukrainian cemetery at the Kapuskasing Internment Camp a concentration camp for mostly ethnic Ukrainians imprisoned to be used for slave labour during the First Wor

Ukrainian cemetery at the Kapuskasing Internment Camp in Ontario.

The internment of ethnic groups was widespread across many countries in both the First and Second World Wars, including in Australia and the United States, though the internment of Japanese Americans in the 1940s is generally the only instance most know of.

Yay, Canada!

Olympic Ice Dance Champions 2018 Tessa Virtue Scott Moir Pyeongchang Korea Canada

Sorry to everyone who comes here for the book reviews! I promise I’m back to regular stuff tomorrow.

However, how can I not have a little celebration for Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir for their incredible (third!) Olympic gold medal win only minutes ago?

Olympic Ice Dance Champions 2018 Tessa Virtue Scott Moir Pyeongchang Korea Canada.

I want to shoot Australian TV executives, who this year have decided to show all the skating on a three-hour delay. However, at least I’m not going to have a breakdown watching it as it happens. I  follow the live scores, and then watch on television, content knowing the results before I see them.

Go Canada!

Tessa Virtue Scott Moir Team Event Ice Dance Figure Skating Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 12th February 2018

Breaking up my regular book coverage to say: I am SO happy about Canada winning the gold in the weird new (as of 2014) team figure skating event at the Olympics. SO well-earned.

I do think this whole team thing is a tad ridiculous, and it leads to figure skating overkill before the real events even happen, but I am very glad to see both Canada and the US on the medal podium.

I am equally frustrated Russia was allowed into this event. How can a country that is allegedly banned from the Olympics this year be fielding a team for their country?!

How much Kremlin money reached IOC hands in order for this to be allowed to happen? Ugh.

The best thing about the Olympics being in Korea (other than that I used to live there, and am having a sort of “reverse homesickness” for the country), is that we’re basically in the same time zone, so I can watch live events at sane times!

Now, if only the Australian – and likely other English-speaking – commentators could stop mispronouncing place names…

The Week: 3rd – 9th July

Crazy cockatoos hanging out here on Friday afternoon. They’re so smug – even when destroying everything in sight! Their feathers look so nice. 🙂

I read a couple of good books this week, but one doesn’t have a release date for months, so I don’t think there’s much point reviewing it yet!

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Happy Belated Birthday, Canada!

Happy Belated Birthday, Canada!

National Science and Technology Centre Canberra Australia for Canada Day 150 1st July 2017 Sonya Oksana Heaney Canadian Colours Night

National Science and Technology Centre Canberra Australia for Canada Day 150 1st July 2017 Sonya Oksana Heaney Canadian Colours NightDSC03856

That’s the National Science and Technology in Canberra on Saturday night.

I should be talking about the United States, but while we wait for whatever fresh new insanity Donald Trump will bring the world for Independence Day, allow me to backpedal a few days!

Over the weekend, Canberra lit up national monuments and city landmarks – and the Canadian High Commission – in Canadian colours for the 150th birthday celebrations.

I am really struggling to come up with many books I’ve read that are set in Canada. In know there’re the classics, and there’re the books that inspired shows like Murdoch Mysteries and When Calls the Heart

I know a lot of Canadian authors set their stories in the United States, and that sometimes they have to – such as when Harlequin rebranded the Western line as “American Romance”.

There have been a few Canadian-set category romances I remember enjoying, though I’d have to go digging to find them!

An Infamous Marriage by Susanna Fraser has characters coming and going from Canada, even though we never actually visit on the page. This book is a favourite of mine (even with the cheating storyline – all that drama!).

Of course, there’s Kelley Armstrong’s super-popular Women of the Otherworld series.

And Kaylea Cross’ first romantic suspense series is occasionally set in Vancouver (that would be because the author is Canadian)!

I feel as though there should be a lot more Canadian-themed books.