How Reader Behaviour Is Changing During the COVID-19 Crisis

How Reader Behavior Is Changing During the COVID-19 Crisis

This article turned up in my email today, and it makes for an interesting read. Because each week feels like a year at the moment, it’s probably already a little out of date (it’s dated the 24th of April), but it shows that while people are still buying books, readers’ habits are changing.

Of course, this is a US-focused piece, so things are likely different in other countries. Australia is in a good position to start opening up again (and some of our restrictions have already been lifted), so I assume readers here are likely to return to in-person book shopping faster than – say – the US or the UK.

Documenting the Pandemic

I’m sure that many other places around the world are doing a similar thing – and it would be worth checking out – but here in Canberra the ACT Heritage Library has put out a call for submissions to help correctly document this point in history.

Because we live in an online world now, we’re in danger of losing records of life during the pandemic. History that’s written in books so often misses the human element.

The library is asking for (both paper and digital):

written works such as diaries and recollections
ephemera such as posters, flyers and mail-outs
audio recordings such as oral histories and, recorded recollections
video such as video journals, short films, and digital stories

You can find email and mail addresses HERE.