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Book Pumpkins

Only a few days until Halloween.🙂

These pumpkins are made out of old books, and can be bought HERE.



Spooky Kindle Cases

Halloween is coming up! Crystal Chic Cases makes a variety of ereader cases decorated with Swarovski crystals, but these two are the most appropriate for the 31st of October.

Black Widow Spider

 Black Widow Spider Swarovski Crystal Element Embellishment for iPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung or Nook Case.

Sookie Stackhouse-inspired Vampire

Sookie Stackhouse Inspired True Blood Swarovski Crystal Element Embellishment for iPad, Samsung, Kindle Fire or Nook Case.

The Week: 18th – 25th September


This was about 5pm yesterday. Taken straight after stepping out of the car at the local shopping centre. Pity about the football stadium lights ruining the view!


Thursday evening in Canberra.

Weird week. I actually got my days all mixed up and forgot it was Sunday!

I’ve been doing a lot of rereading, and am falling so far behind with my review books. If you’re seeing fewer reviews on here, that is the reason. However, I have a bunch of books I could read a thousand times and still love, and sometimes – especially when I’m too busy to invest in a new story – it’s a comfort to read those.

What have I been rereading? Anne Gracie, Lisa Kleypas… favourite historical romances mostly.

I have not been *sick* this week, but I’ve been something strange. In the past, back in my ballet days, I was so anaemic (or “anemic” in America) that when they did the tests I’d dropped off the bottom of the chart. In high school there were days I was more or less unconscious at my desk, so I got sent home to pass out in bed! And imagine trying to do professional ballet training when you have NO energy whatsoever. None!

I’ve been a bit like that in recent days.

Basically, I’ve been almost fainting when I stand up, and I nearly passed out when walking to lunch with my brother and parents yesterday afternoon. Also – just now – twice I fell asleep at the computer and woke myself up when I dropped forwards and bashed my head on the keyboard (someone should probably film me doing that, because I’m sure it looks hilarious!!).

It’s a good thing my brother’s partner runs a number of pharmacies, so I get information on the super-duper iron supplements that help me a bit!

However, I’m dropping a bit behind on everything at the moment.

Floriade Canberra Australia Spring Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney 5th October 2015 Purple Flowers Garden Nature

Floriade all sunny and hot last year.

We’ve had some pretty weird weather in the past few days. Some days are gorgeous, and then others are weirdly cool and rainy – it doesn’t usually rain much in Canberra, so it’s a real shock. As Floriade – our massive flower festival near the lake – is on now, it’s not ideal. The last time I went to it there was a serious heatwave, I got sunburnt, and I was dressed for the tropics!

My review of The Rancher’s Texas Match by Brenda Minton


My review of Kiss, Kiss, Bark! by Kim Williams Justesen


A Downton Abbey Movie?


Seven reasons to read historical romance.

Christmas Historical Romance Cover Art by Jon Paul Studios - Copy

For the romance reader…

Book Boyfriends Funny Graphic T-Shirt

World Cat Day

Apparently today is World Cat Day – whatever that means!

Toni Blake’s excellent Destiny series has great cats, especially this book, which is a personal favourite.

Willow Springs (Destiny Series #5) by Toni Blake

Here are some of the cats I’ve had in my life in the past couple of years (no, I’m not an insane pet-collector; most of them are strays we cared for!)

Jemima Cat

Cat 3 Queanbeyan Australia Sonya Heaney 19th September 2015

Kittens Qeanbeyan Australia 2nd November 2014

Rex Burmese Cat Cute

Ernie Ragdoll Cat 9th January 2015 Oksana Heaney Sonya Heaney

The Week: 11th – 17th July

Winter Snow Canberra Australia 13th July Morning 2016 Sonya Heaney.

We all got super excited about the possibility of snow on Wednesday. It’s not something we ever see! However, despite being able to see some on the mountains in and around Canberra, this was the best effort nature made at our house, early in the morning (it was gone soon after).

The same day, we had lunch for my cousin’s eighteenth birthday – Catholic families – the youngest and eldest first cousins on my father’s side vary in age nearly thirty years! We were all laughing at ourselves for the excitement over all our pictures of the “snow”. The one above was ten times more snow than anybody else saw.

Winter Blue Sky Sun Trees Canberra Australia 15th July 2016 Sonya Haeney.

Other than the snow thing, we’ve had some gorgeous weather! This was Friday afternoon.

I could talk about Nice. I could talk about Turkey. I could talk about the fact Russian gangs are again going around desecrating Ukrainian graves OUTSIDE Eastern Europe… But you can look that up on your own. On the other hand:

I love you, Canada. This story went a teeny way to relieve my anger about some other things…

Trudeau condemns Russia’s annexation of Crimea, vows ‘Canada will always stand by Ukraine’.

Canada’s leader was in Kyiv, Ukraine and visited the genocide memorial, and also the memorial where Ukrainians were killed by pro-Russian and actual Russian snipers on the 20th of February, 2014 (above and below). Many of those shots were fired by snipers in the hotel in the background. I was there a few weeks ago, when they were setting it up:

Building the memorial to the Ukrainians killed by pro-russian and russian dsnipers in Kyiv. Sonya Heaney OKsana. 2016.

Rex the cat left on Thursday. I will miss him so much. Here he is having one final sleep on my bed (maybe now I will be able to make it before the sun sets!):

Rex the Cat

Lisa Kleypas’ Upcoming Book

Devil in Spring (2017) (The third book in the Ravenels series) A novel by Lisa Kleypas

Oh, the subtlety!

Romance Cover Man

True Blood – the Musical?


Romance + Bull Riders

 My review of Where You Are by Tammara Webber


My review of Possessed by the Highlander (The MacLerie Clan #3) by Terri Brisbin

Possessed by the Highlander (The MacLerie Clan #3) by Terri Brisbin

Something I really don’t need…

…But will probably end up buying anyway!

A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice

I saw A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice at a bookshop recently, when I was shopping for actual, sane books. I almost bought it, but I restrained myself! It’s cheaper at The Book Depository anyway.

I went home with sensible things: two guidebooks for Italy and a paperback copy of Persuasion (as in the real Jane Austen book, not a book with guinea pigs!).

A Book I Need

Much Loved by Mark Nixon

I saw Much Loved by Mark Nixon at a bookshop in Melbourne Airport, and even though I have too many books, I can’t not buy this one.

It documents people’s very much-loved childhood toys, with some information about their history.

You can see more of the images HERE.

Much Loved by Mark Nixon 2

London and New York-Themed Bookends

Tower Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge, with free shipping, from DesignAtelierArticle.

Unique metal bookends - London Tower Bridge - decorative book holders perfect housewarming gift modern home decor FREE SHIPPING

Metal bookends - Brooklyn bridge - functional decor for modern home FREE SHIPPING housewarming present for book lover New Yorker

Literary Cookie Cutters

From William Shakespeare to Jane Austen to everyone in between, BoeTech makes cookie cutters so you can – er – eat your favourite writers!

Jane Austen Cookie Cutter

William Shakespeare Cookie Cutter

Glow in the Dark Bookmarks

These glowing bookmarks are made by Canadian creator Papillon9, and can be shipped to various countries.

Blue or Purple Lotus Flower BOOKMARK GLOW in the DARK

Beautiful Fox BOOKMARK GLOW in the DARK

MUSTARD Seed in Glass Bubble Bookmark GLOW in the DARK