The Week: 16th – 22nd July

What a week for the world! Everyone is insane. Huge pride for Pussy Riot, for being almost the only people at the entire World Cup willing to protest instead of pretending everything was wonderful. We need more people like them.

R.I.P. Denis Ten

My review of Then Comes Seduction (Huxtable Quintet #2) by Mary Balogh

Then Comes Seduction (Huxtable Quintet #2) by Mary Balogh

Am I the only one who thinks this might not be a good idea?

WelcomebacktoDownton!We_rethrilledtoannouncethat_DowntonAbbeyiscomingtothebigscreen_Filmproductionbeginsthissummer_The folks

Four Years


Twenty Years

Couple ready to cope with dreaded Y2K bug

You’ve got to love the timing of!

Quisling 17th July 2018 Trymp Putin russia Treason

Marvel’s Black Widow finally lands a director – and she’s a Canberran

Canberra woman Cate Shortland is set to smash records and become Marvel's first solo female director.


Am I the only one who thinks this might not be a good idea?

The folks over at Downton Abbey have announced production on a film version of the hit historical drama has begun. I know lots of people are excited, but I’m over here thinking: maybe they should have left a successful show alone instead of milking it for all it’s worth…?

I was never particularly invested in Downton Abbey’s characters. There were too many to really come to care about any of them. I was, however, in love with the costumes (particularly the early seasons, because 1910s fashion will ALWAYS win over the drab years that came afterwards!). I’d watch the show if I was home and it was on.

However, I get the sneaking suspicion that people who WERE more invested than I was are setting themselves up for disappointment. I think sometimes people have to know when to let things go, and – apart from the brilliant Serenity, a spinoff of the Firefly television show – movie versions of favourite shows never seem to be any good.

Oh, well. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

WelcomebacktoDownton!We_rethrilledtoannouncethat_DowntonAbbeyiscomingtothebigscreen_Filmproductionbeginsthissummer_The folks

The Week: 18th – 25th September


This was about 5pm yesterday. Taken straight after stepping out of the car at the local shopping centre. Pity about the football stadium lights ruining the view!


Thursday evening in Canberra.

Weird week. I actually got my days all mixed up and forgot it was Sunday!

I’ve been doing a lot of rereading, and am falling so far behind with my review books. If you’re seeing fewer reviews on here, that is the reason. However, I have a bunch of books I could read a thousand times and still love, and sometimes – especially when I’m too busy to invest in a new story – it’s a comfort to read those.

What have I been rereading? Anne Gracie, Lisa Kleypas… favourite historical romances mostly.

I have not been *sick* this week, but I’ve been something strange. In the past, back in my ballet days, I was so anaemic (or “anemic” in America) that when they did the tests I’d dropped off the bottom of the chart. In high school there were days I was more or less unconscious at my desk, so I got sent home to pass out in bed! And imagine trying to do professional ballet training when you have NO energy whatsoever. None!

I’ve been a bit like that in recent days.

Basically, I’ve been almost fainting when I stand up, and I nearly passed out when walking to lunch with my brother and parents yesterday afternoon. Also – just now – twice I fell asleep at the computer and woke myself up when I dropped forwards and bashed my head on the keyboard (someone should probably film me doing that, because I’m sure it looks hilarious!!).

It’s a good thing my brother’s partner runs a number of pharmacies, so I get information on the super-duper iron supplements that help me a bit!

However, I’m dropping a bit behind on everything at the moment.

Floriade Canberra Australia Spring Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney 5th October 2015 Purple Flowers Garden Nature

Floriade all sunny and hot last year.

We’ve had some pretty weird weather in the past few days. Some days are gorgeous, and then others are weirdly cool and rainy – it doesn’t usually rain much in Canberra, so it’s a real shock. As Floriade – our massive flower festival near the lake – is on now, it’s not ideal. The last time I went to it there was a serious heatwave, I got sunburnt, and I was dressed for the tropics!

My review of The Rancher’s Texas Match by Brenda Minton


My review of Kiss, Kiss, Bark! by Kim Williams Justesen


A Downton Abbey Movie?


Seven reasons to read historical romance.

Christmas Historical Romance Cover Art by Jon Paul Studios - Copy

For the romance reader…

Book Boyfriends Funny Graphic T-Shirt

A Downton Abbey Movie?


If you look around the internet, people are talking about a Downton Abbey movie like it’s a forgone conclusion, and they seem to be excited about it.

While I’m thinking: BAD idea.

I know it’s hard to let go of something, but whenever people reunite for a movie, it always results in a half-hearted job that loses the tone of the original. It always ends with a piece of work that tries so hard to give every character something that it ends up bland and gets bad reviews.

From The Inbetweeners to Absolutely Fabulous, the movies always seem like a “Greatest Hits” reel rather than a movie in their own right.


I only ever watched Downton for the costumes, so I’m not hugely invested in it. However, I really hope people kill this idea before it actually gets made!