Happy St Patrick’s Day!

It’s easy to lose track of everything with this virus taking over the world, but today is St Patrick’s Day, and my Irish surname demands I acknowledge it!
A picture taken in Dublin during my last trip to Ireland: a Guinness truck with a reflection of the famous Ha’penny Bridge:


Dublin Scenes

Yesterday in Dublin: Guinness!, with the Ha’penny Bridge reflected in the truck. Also St Mary’s Pro Cathedral (Dublin’s most important Catholic church, hidden away on a side street because of historical discrimination against Catholics), the Irish famine memorial, and the Ha’penny Bridge.





Yesterday in Dublin

There was a bit of a heatwave in Ireland over the weekend (only 23 degrees, but that’s hot for here).

I did all the Dublin sightseeing years ago, but am revisiting many of the places.

The pictures below are of Dublin Castle, St Patrick’s Cathedral, and Christ Church Cathedral (even though they’re the “big two” churches to visit here, they’re not Catholic, because of conflicts in the past).





First Lunch in Dublin


We arrived in Ireland at 7:07am, and couldn’t get into our accommodation until two, which meant we had a lot of hours to “waste” in Dublin today! By midday we’d already had coffee, walked along both banks of the River Liffey, had a couple of gin and tonics at a pub in Temple Bar, and sat down to lunch in a restaurant!

This was our view.

Because we had one, enormous EIGHTEEN-HOUR flight out of Canberra (to the Middle East, where we changed planes), the trip to Europe was only thirty hours. It sounds like a long time, but my trip to Venice last year was something like *45* hours, so this was a huge improvement.

I haven’t been to Ireland for years, and when I did before I was living on my own and a pretty inexperienced traveller, so this all feels very different this time.

So far, everyone has been so nice.

Some observations:

* Qatar Airways is 100 million times better than Emirates (the airline I flew what felt like a gazillion times last year). And boy, are the staff friendlier! Doha Airport is great.

* Flying internationally out of Canberra is SO nice. It’s a new thing (crazy that Australia’s capital city used to only have domestic flights – and the occasional a visit from Air Force One). It’s a fancy, shiny, friendly experience, and there aren’t the crowds of Sydney.

There is a lot to cram in over the next few days, and then I’m headed north.