The Week: 16th – 22nd November

Canberra Australia Sunset Sonya Heaney 18th November 2015 Sky Spring Clouds Garden Nature

Weird Wednesday Sunset

Phew, what a hot week. With more to come. What a change from the weather we put on for the British royals!

Hot Day Canberra Australia 19th November 2015 Garden Spring Sonya Heaney Umbrellas Trees

It was too hot to be working on the deck on Thursday afternoon, but I tried it all the same!

Paris attacks could 'kill' Tour de France and cycling Michael Rogers

Paris attacks could ‘kill’ Tour de France and cycling: Michael Rogers

The Frankfurt Grand Prix cycling race was cancelled after German police arrested a married couple who had allegedly planned an attack on the May Day race.

According to reports, police found a bomb, a firearm, ammunition and chemicals for making explosives.

I actually went to high school with Michael Rogers, a world champion bike rider and Olympic medallist. We were featured together in a newspaper article as stars of the future. He became a star, and I dislocated my knee too many times to continue with ballet!

Canberra Australian Parliament lit up in French colours to support Paris.2

Canberra this week: Australian Parliament lit up to support Paris.

14th November 2015 Syrians against Assad and russia

And if everyone could remember that Russia invaded Ukraine and Georgia, and shot down MH17, and is bombing civilians in Syria… the people of Syria sure aren’t enjoying Putin’s “assistance”. You can’t be a terrorist in other countries, and then condemn it in France!

Magpie Tuggeranong Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney 17th November 2015 Bird Garden Spring NatureUntitled

Here is one of our magpies. This one (she?) follows you around all day. I took this picture from the back deck on Tuesday afternoon, where I was working at the table. She spent the afternoon running laps around my legs, sitting on the chair next to me, and watching the view from the railing of the deck. She really seems to think she’s a dog or a cat!

Since WordPress rolled out its God-awful new upgrade this week, I have had a few tantrums. Everyone is so busy making things phone-friendly these days (Goodreads, I’m looking at you and your big ugly buttons!) that it’s impossible to use sites on an actual computer!

Romance Authors React to Harlequin Advertisements

Romance Authors React to Harlequin Advertisements

The final Crossfire book finally has a release date!

One With You by Sylvia Day

Anne Gracie’s Upcoming Book

The Summer Bride (Chance Sisters book 4) by Anne Gracie

Goodreads Choice Awards 2015

Goodreads Choice Awards

My review of I Spy a Duke (Covert Heiresses #1) by Erica Monroe

I Spy a Duke (Covert Heiresses #1) by Erica Monroe

My review of More Than Comics (Chasing the Dream #2) by Elizabeth Briggs

More Than Comics (Chasing the Dream #2) by Elizabeth Briggs

More Than Comics (Chasing the Dream #2) by Elizabeth Briggs

More Than Comics (Chasing the Dream #2) by Elizabeth Briggs

They’re friends online – but can they be more in real life?

Writer Tara McFadden has been friends with artist and drummer Hector Fernandez for years, long before his band became famous on reality TV – yet they’ve never met in person. They finally have a chance to connect offline when they’re both sent to Comic-Con to promote the graphic novel they collaborated on.

Hector’s secretly been in love with Tara for as long as he can remember, and once they meet, she sees him in a new light. All the years of longing lead to an incredible night of passion after one of his concerts, but neither is sure if their online relationship can translate into a real life romance – or if this will ruin their friendship forever.

Over four crazy days at Comic-Con, Hector and Tara must decide if they want a future together. But when their story seems to be over, it’s up to Hector’s entire band to make sure he and Tara get their happy ending.

More Than Comics (Chasing the Dream #2) by Elizabeth Briggs

This is a solid little contemporary romance about recent university graduates. It is very current, very of the moment, very pop culture. It will appeal to younger readers.

However, the best thing about it is that it’s one of the few of its kind that has decent people are the lead characters, and none of the extreme sexism the genre is infamous for these days, even if there’s a lot of time devoted to discussing the characters’ physical beauty at the start!

I don’t like comics, nor do I know the first thing about them, but I always perk up at this sort of romance trope. These two have known each other for years, but only via the internet. He is secretly in love with her, but he’s not so good at showing it or expressing his emotions. Who doesn’t like that sort of thing?!

Set at America’s Comic Con, this is a story for anyone who has ever been a rabid fan of anything, because that convention covers it all. I guess that covers a lot of readers, if not me so much. The convention setting isn’t just window dressing; it’s actually a big part of the plot.

So, basically, you have a solid contemporary romance between quite young characters, and you get one with the misogyny removed. There’s nothing objectionable here!

One thing that is not relevant to the actual book is at the end. The author offers a bonus scene if you review the book and email her the link. This sounds like begging for positive reviews; who in their right mind is going to email a link to a negative or even mildly critical review? I wish authors wouldn’t do things like this.


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