Crimson Peak

I haven’t seen this Victorian, gothic, horror, mystery, whatever it is yet. In fact, I probably won’t make it to the cinema, and the DVD release isn’t until next year, so I went and read a detailed summary instead!

I feel like I should support it because Mia Wasikowska is from Canberra, but I also like the rest of the cast – and the costumes!

Perfect or imperfect, I love the whole Victorian gothic romance theme it has going on. And Tom Hiddleston has really grown on me, whereas I used to be one of the people screaming: What’s all the fuss about??!! Also, I have just about forgiven Charlie Hunnam for almost starring in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie!

The Sonja Blue Horror Series

It’s already Halloween here, and it’s a beautiful, sunny, not Halloweenish kind of morning.

Yesterday I was talking about the way characters named Sonya(ia/ja) are always weird. Think Red Sonja (I used to get called that)! It made me think of another Sonja character who is very appropriate for today: Sonja Blue.

Nancy A Collins’ horror series began in the late-80s, and features a vampire named – you guessed it – Sonja Blue. Here is the blurb of the first book, Sunglasses After Dark:

A debut horror novel featuring a vampire, Sonja Blue, who escapes from a mental hospital leaving a trail of corpses in her wake. As we learn about her early life, we are taken on a nightmarish tour of a world inhabited by other types of non-humans – ogres, zombies and, of course, vampires.

In 1995, an omnibus of Sonja Blue stories was published.

This is real horror, not sparkling fairy vampires, so be warned!