Fan Longevity

Bared to You by Sylvia DayA Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Now, clearly there are books that stand the test of time. There have to be, because otherwise my literature degree was a waste of time!

However, with genre fiction things seem to move fast and date fast and then you look back and wonder what you were thinking a few years ago when you loved a book.

I find this a bit sad, and I was thinking back on books that have lasted for me. I’m talking about books about a decade old here, not from many decades ago. Perhaps the mid-2000s was a stellar era for genre fiction, but whatever it is I still have plenty of books from that time that I can still call favourites.

The reason I started thinking about this was because I was checking out Sylvia Day’s Pinterest account, and she has a board dedicated to pictures of fan tattoos. It reminded me of other Big Name series where readers went and got permanent markings because they enjoyed a book so much.

For example, Lara Adrian’s heroines in her Midnight Breed series all have a crescent moon and teardrop birthmark, and fans now have that tattooed all over themselves.

And surely nothing beats the infamous Twilight tattoos, the most infamous of all perhaps being this one:


However, fads are fads for a reason. Beards can be shaved off, but all those stretched ears young men are sporting these days are probably not going to be considered great few years down the track. Permanent changes probably aren’t always the best idea!

Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa KleypasTo the Brink by Cindy Gerard

Secrets of a Summer Night (2004) is still a precious historical romance for me. To the Brink (2005) still remains my idea of the perfect romantic suspense. I didn’t catch any sleep flying from India to Sri Lanka to Australia in 2005 because I was so engrossed in The Tea Rose, a book I still love. I’m lucky I passed my final university exams because I was so caught up in Into the Wilderness, and I still love that book so much.

However, series I can still look back on fondly – the Black Dagger Brotherhood, for example – are no longer on my OMG Squee! list of books, and I’m certain I’d have regretted getting a tattoo about them.

Remember that infamous Twilight Moms group with their super-active site? I visited there a couple of times out of sheer curiosity, and there were women my age and older saying there will never be a day in their life where they won’t pick up and read part of a Twilight book, and how depressed they feel knowing there will be no more of Bella and Edward. Now the message board doesn’t even exist, and I’m quite sure those women have got on with their lives just fine.

I have no idea what I’m trying to say here. Maybe wait a decade before you get a tattoo declaring your love for a fictional man?

I suppose most people have that select group of long-standing favourites. I suppose they also have a long list of books they were crazy about once, and now can’t remember why that was.

The Week: 1st – 7th April

Autumn has well and truly reached us here in Canberra!

Canberra Autumn Sonya Heaney 5-4-2013

Grayson Manor Haunting by Cheryl Bradshaw is currently free.

Man Drought by Rachael Johns

Rachael Johns’ Man Drought is still on sale for $1.05.

Oh boy, this week went crazy as far as reading is concerned. Once I get myself into a mindset, I cannot step out of it, and I’ve been powering through books set in 19th century England like they’re going out of fashion! The problem with my obsessive attitude to genres is that I burn myself out fast. In about a week, I predict I’ll be onto another type of book entirely!

 Seducing the Princess by Mary Hart Perry

I reviewed Mary Hart Perry’s Seducing the Princess HERE.

The Accidental Prince by Michelle Willingham

I also read The Accidental Prince by Michelle Willingham. It was very much a fairy tale story (not set in England). I plan to review it tomorrow.

Other books on my radar this week include She Tempts the Duke by Lorraine Heath, which I am slowly working my way through when I have a spare few minutes. I also read Eileen Dreyer’s Never a Gentleman, but started to lose faith on page 27 when the ‘heroine’ punched the hero in the face for no good reason.

The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly

I bought myself a Kindle copy of The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly, a book I picked up at random in India eight years ago and read on the plane home.

It’s a favourite of mine, so I thought I needed another copy!

Hattie Wilkinson Meets her Match by Michelle Styles

I’m now starting on Hattie Wilkinson Meets her Match by Michelle Styles.