The Week: 13th – 19th August

What a week. I am very busy at the moment.

In the world? We’ve had about 120 bushfires in the region in the past few days. To people who deny climate change: it’s WINTER here. Canberra’s kangaroo plague is getting worse (also due to climate change!). Then there was another terror attack in London, and that horrendous bridge collapse in Genoa…

Then there was the shock death of Soviet gymnastics star Yelena Shushunova. She was the 1988 Olympic Champion and a five-time World Champion. I still have video tapes of her. She died so young that one of the gymnasts she trained with still competes.

Happy Birthday to the National Library!

Enlighten Canberra Australia Sonya Heaney 11th March 2017 National Library of Australia Canberra Women's History Reflection Night

Out Now: Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears by John McNamee

Pie Comic by John McNamee Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears

On this day: the Australian Women’s Army Service was formed

Awas_in_wa_1943Northam, West Australia. 1943-04-20. The Minister for the Australian Army, the Honourable F.M. Forde, inspecting personnel of the Australian Women's Army Service at the We

Vietnam Veterans Day

Binh Ba 1 - Copy

One Year Ago


Out Now: Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears by John McNamee

 Pie Comic by John McNamee Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears

John McNamee’s comics might be familiar to people because they frequently turn up on social media. McNamee has his own Tumblr blog where he also publishes his work.

McNamee’s work, while not NSFW, is not really created with kids in mind.

Now, a selection of the comics have been released as a book: Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears.

As usual with NetGalley’s (increasingly difficult-to-access) files, I couldn’t download this one to read, but here is one of his comics, to give you an idea of what to expect in the book that is out now:

Pie Comic by John McNamee