The Week: 17th – 23rd October



Spring Roses

We booked tickets for the Royal Ballet in London this week. I used to go to Covent Garden all the time when I lived in London, but it’s been years since my last visit. We’ll be seeing The Sleeping Beauty, and the performance we’re seeing is being broadcast in cinemas around the world. It’s a very stressful, difficult ballet to be performing with that extra pressure!

We had a big family thing this week, because our French/Swiss family were all here. My father’s side of the family is HUGE, so a family event means a million people crammed into a house!

This pretty much sums up the US election:


Nobody is forcing people to like Hillary Clinton, but I’ve been horrified by some romance authors and their followers this week, women who support Trump so much they are denying women ever experience sexual harassment. So much for romance respecting women!

The we get more stories like this one:

Italy abortion row as woman dies after hospital miscarriage

I am Catholic, and the church is a huge part of Ukrainian culture. I don’t think people understand that I’m deathly serious when I say I’m not going to church ever again. I’m sick of the Catholic church murdering women and then calling themselves “pro-life”. These stories are coming out of Ireland, Italy, Poland, everywhere.

When almost ALL doctors in Italy refuse to perform medical procedures to save women’s lives – because of religion – well, Italy has a big human rights issue. Women matter more than unviable foetuses.

And speaking of wholesome “God-fearing” men:

Arkansas judge who ‘traded sexual favours’ in return for lighter sentences indicted

‘Joseph Boeckmann resigned in May after dozens of men claimed he paid them to allow him to spank them with a paddle and to take photos of the red skin.

…the opportunity to view and to photograph in compromising positions persons who appeared before him in traffic and misdemeanour criminal cases in exchange for dismissing the cases”.’

Seriously, what is happening to the world at the moment…?

My review of Slow Burn (Colorado High Country #2) by Pamela Clare


Laurell K. Hamilton on research in Ireland


‘Romance Novels Empower My Feminism’

Sarah Mayberry Julie James Contemporary Romance Book Covers

Cover Love

A Curious Beginning (Veronica Speedwell Mystery book 1) by Deanna Raybourn

Cover Love


Laurell K. Hamilton on research in Ireland


Laurell K. Hamilton shares how a research visit to Ireland threw her off her game at first

It has been many years since I read a book by Laurell K. Hamilton, but I thought this interview about her research trip to Ireland was pretty interesting (even if she manages to offend a bunch of people in a few sentences!).


If that shocked her, she’d be very surprised by Britain and New Zealand and other places, too!

It is a perfect example of people basing their books on assumptions and stereotypes and then having their eyes opened to a totally different version of a country when they actually visit.