The Week: 1st – 7th June

Crimson Rosella Canberra Australia Tuggeranong Garden Sonya Heaney 2nd June 2015.

A crimson rosella at our house on Tuesday.

I’ve lost my Kindle! It has to be somewhere in the house, but I have no idea where! I’ve climbed under furniture and checked both in all the normal places and the abnormal places… I did, however, find a paperback copy of Lover Eternal that I’ve been looking for.

I am so sleep-deprived I can’t think of anything else to say about this week!

Copyright, Infringement, Authors and those “Man Candy” Posts…

Warwick Castle Warwickshire England Britain Sonya Heaney December 2004

No more Outlander for me…


Cover Love

On the Loose by Tara Janzen

My review of The Beautiful One (The Scandalous Sisters #1) by Emily Greenwood

The Beautiful One (The Scandalous Sisters #1) by Emily Greenwood

My review of A Millionaire for Cinderella by Barbara Wallace

A Millionaire for Cinderella by Barbara Wallace

My review of Never Resist a Rake (Somerfield Park #2) by Mia Marlowe

Never Resist a Rake (Somerfield Park #2) by Mia Marlowe

Never Resist a Rake (Somerfield Park #2) by Mia Marlowe

Never Resist a Rake (Somerfield Park #2) by Mia Marlowe

John Fitzhugh Barrett is surprised to discover that instead of being a bastard, he’s the legitimate heir to the Somerset marquessate. Once word gets out that he must continue the Somerset line, eligible bachelorettes from across the country descend upon Somerfield Park, hoping to snatch John up before it’s too late. But John has no interest in a woman who’s only after his title.

Rebecca Kearsey, the daughter of a threadbare viscount, is the only one who understands. However, as her desire for John begins to build, she becomes painfully aware that she isn’t considered grand enough by Polite Society to be a future marchioness. Intrigued by the idea of challenging society’s rigid values, John’s interest in Rebecca grows. But can she show him that love is more than just childish rebellion?

Never Resist a Rake (Somerfield Park #2) by Mia Marlowe

I actually forgot I’d read the first book in this series when I started this one. I can’t recall exactly how connected they are, but as I read I remembered a thing or two about book one.

I really enjoyed the opening scenes of Never Resist a Rake. The kidnapped society miss put up for a prize in a low-brow boxing competition. The hero who has to win to rescue her. The escape in the night. I like some action in my historical romances.

I also like the theme of the hero who unexpectedly ended up with a title. It’s a really common trope at the moment, but one I enjoy nonetheless.

However, I remembered the first book largely because the author does something similar with this one: she rushes the physical relationship. If I recall correctly, in both books hero and heroine are alone and kissing each other within hours of meeting. Both times I remember thinking: what’s the rush?!

Despite what publishers frustratingly claim readers want: I don’t need this to be engrossed in a book. I DO want a slower build-up!

There was also not much attention paid to social rules of the era. What kind of people would have left an unmarried young woman in a bedroom with a man?!

I do like some of the ideas of this book – and this series – but this is a little too historical romance-lite for me.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.

The Week: 3rd – 9th November

 Spring Sunset Tuggeranong Canberra Australia 24th October 2014 Sonya Heaney 1

Canberra sunsets in spring = fantastic!

It has been a lesson in the unexpected this week.

A family lunch turned into the discovery of these gorgeous little babies in the shed:

 Kittens Qeanbeyan Australia 2nd November 2014

We have a home for the one at the back definitely, the one on the left probably, but the little one at the front on the right is still on the lookout for someone! If you’re in Queanbeyan or Canberra and want a sweet little cat… They’re about six weeks old, so it will be a few more weeks before they can go.

A lunch date during the week was cancelled because two people were sick.

And then my aunt was at work, had a fall, and needed surgery.

Stalinist parades in Moscow 7th November 2014

Meanwhile, in Moscow this week

 Russian Putin Propaganda in Eastern Ukraine November 2014

Ridiculous Russian propaganda is appearing in invaded parts of Ukraine.

Don’ even get me started on Australian politicians and their wilful ignorance! *cough*Tony Abbott*cough*…

As for books? I accidentally scheduled only historical romance reviews this week! It was a big release week for books in that genre.

My review of To Love and to Cherish by Leigh Greenwood

To Love and to Cherish by Leigh Greenwood

My review of A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe

A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe

My review of Lady Elinor’s Wicked Adventures by Lillian Marek

Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventures by Lillian Marek

My review of The Traitor by Grace Burrowes

The Traitor by Grace Burrowes

My review of Madeleine’s Christmas Wish by Ella Quinn

Madeleine's Christmas Wish (The Marriage Game #5.5) by Ella Quinn

A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe

A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe

When his father, Lord Somerset, tumbles off the roof, Richard Barrett, Lord Hartley, is called home from his Grand Tour to take the reins of the estate while the marquess recuperates. Somerset is in serious financial difficulty, which can only be remedied by marriage to an heiress, Miss Sophie Goodnight, lately arrived from India with her nabob father.

Unfortunately, Richard believes he has already lost his heart to Lady Antonia Pruett. And Miss Goodnight isn’t too keen on becoming Somerset’s purse with feet, so she foils their families’ attempts to throw her and Richard together at every turn. To make matters worse, the reason Lord Somerset fell off the roof in the first place is a secret that threatens to upend all their lives.

A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe

The cover! What’s with all that boobage?!

Author Mia Marlowe has tried a few different things with her new series. Some people will enjoy the changes, some may not. Yes, we are still in the familiar world of Regency England, and there’s nothing hugely ground-breaking, but there were some nice touches, like the view “below the stairs”.

I have some random thoughts about this book, so here are a few dot points:

  • The story is told from the perspectives of many characters. I got a bit confused at the start because we met SO MANY characters in the first chapter. I could have done with a bit more time to meet our main players before being introduced to everyone else.
  • The author was definitely taking some inspiration from Downton Abbey, with the politics of the servants reminding me of the characters I’ve met in that show. I actually like reading about people from the lower classes, but there are definitely a lot of people to get straight in your head.
  • I liked that the heroine’s family’s lack of an aristocratic background was shown. There was a definite distinction between them and the family she was marrying into.
  • We know hero and heroine are going to end up together. That’s how the genre works. So I didn’t need to have him kissing her on the first day they met, especially as he claimed to want to marry another woman – a woman he’d just about confirmed an engagement with. It made me think much less of him for behaving that way with two women at once.
  • The research was good. However, I don’t believe for a second that the characters in rural England in 1817 knew the scientific explanation for The Year Without a Summer. We know now, but they’d not have been aware of it then.
  • The language: A couple of decades, not a couple decades. You write to someone, you don’t write them. Little annoyances.

Fans of Regency romances will probably enjoy this book. It’s a little different but also covers plenty of familiar ground. It wasn’t my favourite book, and I had a bit of trouble warming to the hero, but it provided a few hours of solid entertainment.


Review copy provided by NetGalley.

The Week 29th April – 5th May

Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Egg Hand Decorated Ostrich Egg

By JustEggsquisite

Христос воскрес!

Today is Ukrainian (and other countries’) Easter. NOT necessarily Orthodox Easter (I’m Ukrainian Catholic) – a common (and very irritating for people like me) misconception!

Ukrainian Easter is a much bigger deal than Australian (American etc.) Easter, with lots and lots of traditions. Pysanky – intricately-decorated Easter eggs – feature in the baskets taken to church.


We moved my brother into an apartment in the city on Friday. I used muscles I didn’t know I owned (and they still hurt!) and have blisters on the bottoms of both my feet. Removalists are now at the top of my list of respected professions!

Heartland by Cathryn Hein

My review of Cathryn Hein’s Heartland is HERE.

 The Other Side of Us by Sarah Mayberry

The Other Side of Us and Stroke of Genius are both still FREE.

Stroke of Genius by Mia Marlowe – FREE

Stroke of Genius by Mia Marlowe

Stroke of Genius by Mia Marlowe is FREE.



Crispin Hawke, a brilliant sculptor, is revered by the ton. His works are celebrated in every fashionable parlour. And tales of his fiery bed skills whispered behind every fashionable fan.




Grace Makepeace is determined to wed a titled lord, but her Bostonian bluntness leaves much to be desired among the well-heeled London crowd. So to gain their acceptance, she commissions the incomparable Crispin Hawke—and asks for love lessons on the side.




Crispin agrees to school Grace in flirting and the delights of the flesh. But when she catches the eye of a marquess, he realises maybe he’s done his job a little too well. And suddenly he knows Grace is the one masterpiece he cannot bear to be parted from.



A Free Book and Book Giveaways across the Internet

Cynthia Eden has a free paranormal book for Kindle. I definitely recommend her work!

Bound By Blood

It’s an Immortal War…
Vampires and werewolves have been blood enemies for centuries, but now a new threat is rising…demons are escaping from hell and these demons are intent on wiping out both the vamps and the werewolves.
When you have no one to trust…
In order to stop the demons, pureblood vampire princess Morgan LaBeaux agrees to the treaty offered by werewolf alpha Jace Vaughn. She’ll mate with him, share her blood with him…and in return, the wolves will aid the vampires in this battle.
The enemy of my enemy is my husband…
But Morgan doesn’t realize just how dangerous the wolves can truly be. Jace has been waiting years to claim her. He’s set a trap for his princess, and now that he has her, Jace doesn’t plan to let her go.  He’ll send the demons back to hell, and he’ll keep his vampiress–forever.
Because the blood binds all.

Here are bunch of book giveaways for different genres over a range of sites:

Emmie Dark’s In His Eyes on the Superromance Authors’ Blog.

A V.K. Sykes book giveaway on historical author Mia Marlowe’s blog.

On Goodreads:

Playing to Win (Play by Play #4) by Jaci Burton

(So cool to see this giveaway is open to people in lots of countries. Usually the mainstream authors stick to US-only competitions!)

Australian-Italian-themed Black Mountain by Venero Armanno

Young Adult book Night of the Purple Moon by Scott Cramer (Love the first line of the blurb: Space germs wipe out virtually everyone who has passed through puberty.)