Maria de Villota in horrible F1 accident

Minutes before the accident.

I heard about this just after it happened. The initial report was that Maria de Villota – one of the few women to ever make it into a Formula One racing car – had suffered life-threatening injuries in the freak accident that propelled her car forward into a team truck during testing.

Then they said she was stable and conscious, and things didn’t seem as awful as they had initially.

But now we learn she has suffered horrible head and facial injuries, including losing her right eye.

Modelling in Monaco a few weeks ago.

While de Villota wasn’t the first woman to get herself behind the controls of a Formula One car (that would be Maria Teresa de Filippis all the way back in 1958), she certainly achieved something amazing. Defying all the stereotypes, this attractive blonde woman wasn’t your typical racing car driver. I feel absolutely awful for her.

Here is F1’s official announcement.

Formula One on the Weekend

The European Grand Prix in Valencia, Spain was one of the most exciting in recent times. I wasn’t really interested in watching, to be honest, because everything looked to be decided before the race even started.

And then Sebastian Vettel’s car died.

And about fifty-thousand people crashed.

And Fernando Alonso had the most emotional win of his career.

And Mark Webber has another sensationally good race (this track hates him in qualifying and loves him in races!).

And Kimi Räikkönen came second!

And even though I wouldn’t call myself a Michael Schumacher fan, I have to admit I was very happy to see him get on the podium too.

Great race!