The Week: 29th April – 5th May

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Autumn colours in Canberra.

Argh! It’s May. What is going on?!

I voted on Wednesday. The Australian election is not for another fortnight, but I’m going to be at the ballet in Sydney on that day (voting is compulsory here). I also met my candidate at the polling station. Now, could I please be spared all the trashy political ads for the next two weeks?!

I’m on!

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New Book from Madeline Hunter


My review of Never Deny a Duke (Decadent Dukes #3) by Madeline Hunter

Never Deny a Duke (2019) (The third book in the Decadent Dukes Society #3 series) A novel by Madeline Hunter

Coming up for Joanna Shupe

The Rogue of Fifth Avenue (2019) (The first book in the Uptown Girls series #1) A novel by Joanna Shupe

My review of The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (The Cavanaughs #2) by Stephanie Laurens

The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (The Cavanaughs #2) by Stephanie Laurens

I’m on!

hc-logo HarperCollins Publisher

Overnight I Googled myself to find my blog, and instead discovered I now have (so far, mostly empty!) author profiles on and I also discovered that the tentative release date for my first book is the 4th of September. I hadn’t known until then!

Not exactly exciting news, and the title of my book is only the working title – we’re still yet to have a conversation about changing it – but it’s a start…

(If you remember my announcement that I sold my first historical romance book in March, and are wondering why I have a Harlequin contract and a HarperCollins profile, it’s because I write for a romance imprint of HarperCollins that runs their contracts through Harlequin Australia. Yes, you’re allowed to be confused!)