Korean Flag Screw-up

Everybody’s probably heard about this by now, but I don’t understand how anybody could be this stupid.

Hell, Olympic officials would have caused a tenth of the drama if they’d flown the American flag for Soviet athletes back in the day!

Wrong flag displayed before North Korea soccer match halts Games

THE London Olympics soccer competition started with an international incident when the North Korea women’s team refused to take the field for more than an hour after the South Korean flag was displayed on the big screen before the start of play at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

A photograph of North Korea’s number 16 Kim Song Hui, who plays for Pyongyang City FC, was shown on the screen at the stadium beside an image of the South Korean flag. The North Korean team then erupted and refused to take the field and there were angry scenes as team officials gestured and shouted their displeasure.

The match against Colombia was delayed for more than an hour and only got under way after London Games organisers issued an apology.