The Week: 18th to 24th February

 The Sunburnt Country by Fiona Palmer

I finished one of my review books – The Sunburnt Country by Fiona Palmer. Exactly what you expect from a rural lit book, but with a bit of a twist – a city guy for a hero.

 Simone Elkeles Books

Then I went on a Simone Elkeles reading spree. After last week’s reread of the fantastic, RITA-winning Perfect Chemistry, I read the other two in the series (good, but the cheesy epilogues need to be cut out, stomped on and then burnt!), and then read both Leaving Paradise books (about a teenager who went to prison for hitting a girl with his car, returning to school where she is, now with a disability – good reads!). Will review at some point!

Out of Control by Suzanne Brockmann

I’ve been thinking about finding some time to reread Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series. It was one of the original (and best) military suspense series aimed at women.

I started flipping through one of my favourites: Out of Control. Found a new favourite quote:

 ‘You know, Savannah, if you cry, I won’t tell anyone,’ Ken said quietly. ‘I promise.’

Suzanne Brockmann’s Navy SEALs

Perhaps because of my recent frustration that the “tell-all” book about the Navy SEAL execution of Osama bin Laden turned out to be more of a political rant, I have jumped back into my pile of SEAL-related fiction.

(Yes, I do know the difference between fiction and reality!)

Before SEALs were the new black, there was Suzanne Brockmann.

Three of my favourite books by her are The Defiant Hero, Over the Edge and Out of Control. SEAL books – including books aimed at female readers – are saturating the market these days, and it can be hard to know who to read.

Suzanne Brockmann is a great place to start!

The Defiant Hero

“The United States refuses to negotiate with terrorists.” Meg Moore remembered the warning from her job as a translator in a European embassy. Those same words will spell out a death sentence for her daughter and grandmother who have been kidnapped by a lethal group called the Extremists. Meg will do anything to meet their unspeakable demands; anything-even kill-to save her child.

When Navy SEAL Lieutenant, junior grade, John Nilsson is summoned to Washington, D.C., by the FBI to help negotiate a hostage situation, the last person he expects to see holding a foreign ambassador at gunpoint is Meg.

Over the Edge

Her passion is flying. As one of the best helicopter  pilots in the naval reserves, Lieutenant Teri Howe is  tough, dedicated, and highly-skilled–until a past  mistake surfaces, jeopardizing everything she’s  worked for.

Rock steady Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok has  made a career of solving problems. He willingly  comes to Teri’s aid, knowing that his personal code  of honour–and perhaps his heart–will be at risk.  But when a jet carrying an American senator’s  daughter is hijacked, Stan’s unflinching  determination and Teri’s steadfast courage are put  to the ultimate test.

Out of Control

Savannah von Hopf has no choice. To save her  uncle’s life, she goes in search of Ken “WildCard”  Karmody, a guy she barely knew in college who is  now a military operative. She must convince him to  help her deliver a cache of ransom money into the  hands of terrorists halfway around the world. What  she doesn’t expect is to end up in WildCard’s arms  before she can even ask for help.

WildCard has always had a soft spot for beautiful  women. But when he discovers Savannah’s hidden  agenda, he is determined to end the affair. But  Savannah is bound for Indonesia with or without his  protection, and he can’t just walk away. When her  plan goes horribly wrong, they are trapped in the  forsaken jungle of a hostile country, stalked by a  lethal enemy. As time is running out, they scramble  to escape, risking both their lives to stop a  nightmare from spinning even further out of  control…