The Week: 20th – 26th May

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A note: I am spreading the posts I already have scheduled out over the coming months, rather than posting pretty much every day as I have been for ages. One of the main reasons for this is that this blog now feeds into my Goodreads author page, and it’s starting to seem like spam!

How is it only a few days until winter – we’re still having t-shirt weather! (It’s due to change in the coming week, however.)

R.I.P. to Niki Lauda. The Formula One paddock won’t be the same. I used to sit near pit lane at every Australian Grand Prix, and he was always, always there.

Here are some pictures from last weekend. The first is Victorian architecture in Goulburn, New South Wales, where we stopped for lunch on the way home from Sydney (Goulburn features in my books). The second is the approach to the Sydney Opera House the night before:

Happy 20th Birthday to Notting Hill!

NottingHillRobertsGrant Movie Poster

Book Feature: Leopard’s Blood (Leopard People #10) by Christine Feehan

The Week: 1st – 7th August

Winter Sunset Caberra Australia Sonya Heaney 3rd August 2016 Sky Clouds Nature

Wednesday evening sunset.

I will be in Sydney to attend my cousin’s wedding when this post goes up, but I will add to it when I get home.


Okay, so I’m home after a few days in Sydney. 🙂 I am going to share a bunch of pictures from the last few days. My cousin, who is eight years older than me, married a (Turkish) man she met in Turkey a few years ago. The ordeal of getting visas, crossing religions (she is Catholic; he is Muslim) etc…

It was an outdoor (in cold, rainy winter!) wedding, where dogs took part in the ceremony. My whole weekend was “animal-y”. We rented a house in Rozelle, and it came with a cat and a tank of fish. Another cat came visiting. My cousin’s dog was the “bridesmaid”! I got home this afternoon with cat scratches and a blood blister from a totally accidental dog bite on my hand (that’s what happens when you spend an hour wrestling with a Staffie!). But I loved every moment. 🙂

We stopped at Berrima on the way home, and had lunch at the oldest pub in Australia. I love Berrima so much, and always want to stop there when we’re on the highway. It’s a very early convict town, and pretty much every building there is pre-Victorian or early Victorian.

Rio results.

So – for about five minutes – Australia is at the top of the Olympic medal table. I said I’m not watching the Olympics – and I’m not – but we’ve been so bad at sport recently, this is nice news.

Rio 2016 Men's Gymnastics

Also – congratulations to Oleh (I am so freaking sick of everyone translating the Cyrillic alphabet from Russian – many countries use it, and in Ukrainian “G” = “H”!) from Ukraine for qualifying first for the men’s gymnastics final. He won’t win – gymnastics is so unpredictable, and I am being pessimistic and saying that on the day someone else will win. I want him to, but I don’t want to curse him!

Sonya and Billy the huge cat. Sydney Australia 5th August 2016.Erol and Nadia's Wedding. 6th August 2016.

Me + cat. Bride and groom.



My cousins.

Sonya Heaney Oksana Heaney Mia Jacyshyn Nadia's Wedding. Sydney Australia 6th August 2016.

Me (looking enormous for some reason!), my mother, one of my aunts. Plus the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 🙂

Billy the cat waiting for us. Sydney Australia 5th August 2016.

The house we rented – with cat waiting for us!

Billy the cat. Sydney Australia 5th August 2016.Cute half-grown ginger cat. Sydney Australia 5th August 2016..

Cats everywhere!


Dogs everywhere! That idiot black dog spent the entire ceremony toting branches around. In that picture they’re exchanging rings, but Hugo decided it was time for a game. 🙂  He’s so nice, but also so ridiculous! He is the one who gave me the blood blister. My fault – not his.

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The Week

I will be in Sydney when this post goes up, but plan to add to it when I get back!


UPDATE: So, back in Canberra and the heatwave that won’t seem to go away! Weirdest thing that happened in Sydney: I dislocated my right knee for (I think – as far as I can count) the eleventh time. It is a very common ballet injury, where is why it started happening to me. It’s not as bad an injury as it was the first few times, but still annoying and stupid.

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My Weekend

Giselle Paris Opera Ballet


We went to Sydney to see closing night of the Paris Opera Ballet’s Giselle over the weekend. Being the Paris Opera Ballet, of course the production was gorgeous and the dancers’ technique was perfect. Nolwenn Daniel, who danced the Queen of the Wilis, has the best bourrée I’ve ever seen! It is such a pity they performed in such a strange theatre, with neon lights and television screens in the foyer, and big, neon-lit Candy Bars INSIDE the auditorium. Ugh. Also, Act Two was kind of ruined by people’s phones ringing. UGH!

Paris Opera Ballet Giselle1


Such a pity too, because it was easily the best performance of the second act of Giselle I have ever seen. I can’t think of a company who could match the Paris Opera Ballet in that. So nice to see people dancing in the ‘Romantic’ style; practically everyone performs Giselle with flashy modern technique these days, and it does not suit.

 Paris Opera Ballet Giselle


There’s a really great Spanish restaurant near the theatre; there was a queue going halfway down the road before it opened. And the staff pronounce ‘Tapas’ and ‘Paella’ properly (which is something you almost never hear in Australia!). We accidentally tipped them three times what we intended to, but I’d say they deserved it!

Encasa Sydney

Apart from passing through the airport about a thousand times, I hadn’t spent time in Sydney for years. I don’t care either way, but I’ve never seen so many people with tattoos in my life as I saw in the city over the weekend! I guess it’s the fashion there. I’d never get one because, honestly, who voluntarily has people stab them with sharp things?! Not for me EVER!!

We stopped in the historic village of Berrima on the way home and had a great lunch at The Olde Magpie Café.

Magpie Cafe Berrima

Sydney is green; they get plenty of rain. Then you get closer home to Canberra, and you have things like Lake George, below. There’s not a lot of water, considering it’s a lake! My parents remember the days when people used to travel there with their boats on a weekend… Now you find cattle where the water is supposed to be!

Sonya Heaney Lake George Australia 10th February 2013