Author Sonya Heaney on Cinderella romances and her debut book The Landowner’s Secret


It went up much sooner than I expected it to, but a few days ago I was asked to write an article for (Harlequin/HarperCollins-owned), and here it is:

Author Sonya Heaney on Cinderella romances and her debut book The Landowner’s Secret

Disclaimer: I *did not* choose the GIFs for this. So apologies for the Poldark woman mistake!

The Week: 23rd – 29th January



Some of our amazing skies in Canberra this week.

Canberra: summer is making it hard to achieve much. It’s too hot inland, where there obviously is no sea breeze. The winter weather in Europe in less than a fortnight is going to be a shock!


I am behind on my review books because the Australian branch of Amazon has gone down, and I cannot send ANYTHING to my Kindle, nor download a lot of it on my computer. I had a book I was really excited about that was just released, and I can’t access it! It’s driving me insane.


This has been a horror week for the entire world. Anyone with sense and a skerrick of world knowledge was aware Trump would screw things up for all of us, but I think many were shocked by the speed with which it happened.

Trump sent all of us (including Australians) a strong message: WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE. Not even to visit.

Day One: axe the trade deal with the Pacific region (including us). On Australia Day on the 26th, Trump sent some rubbish message about us being great friends of America – at the same time as discussing dumping the visa waiver program, which means it will be difficult for us to even visit the US as TOURISTS!


If he wants to only let Christian refugees into “his” country now, perhaps he might consider helping the two million displaced Ukrainians. We had lunch with friends from the Ukrainian embassy again this week, people waiting for orders to join the war against Putin.

For something better: historical costume site Frock Flicks has been hosting Snark Week again. If you are a reader who cannot stand all the anachronisms in too many historical romances, you’ll appreciate it. They analyse all the crazy – and sometimes hilarious – liberties film and TV take with historical costumes.




I am a little bit freaked: I’m heading to Italy in only a few days, and I have literally not organised a thing yet. We were only just in the country, and soon will be spending time with friends who are locals, but I still think I should have planned something – anything! Everywhere I’ve been in Italy in recent times has been hit by horrific natural disasters, and I can only hope there are no more; how many can one country have?

It’s too hot here to bother trying on any winter clothes to pack, but I really need to.

I will be in London only briefly after that, with no idea whether I’ll be there longer-term in the near future or not. However, because of my historical fiction reading I have so much I want to do, and not enough time.

I did live in London for quite a while, but have not been back for years.

Moving a Library


My review of Lost in Shadows (Lost #2) by Anita DeVito


Kissing or Hitting…?


100 Objects – Victorian Tea Set


Is there ever a point?


This Disturbing Book Cover…



Kissing or hitting…?


I love you so much I have to hit you in the face!

I’m seeing so many book blogs and history blogs going all crazy over The Princess Bride at the moment. It is the thirtieth anniversary of the movie adaptation’s release, so I suppose that’s why.

However, I’m still troubled that I’m the only one who seems to have huge issues with William Goldman’s 44-year-old book.

You know the part in the movie version where “hero” Westley raises his hand to hit heroine Buttercup in the face, and she flinches away from it? This movie came out when I was FIVE, and even then I knew there was something very wrong about that scene.

The book is worse.

Here is the scene as it is in the book the movie is based on:


“I am no one to be trifled with,” replied the man in black. “That is all you ever need know.” And with that he yanked her upright.

“You’ve had your moment.” Again he pulled her after him, and this time she could do nothing but follow…

…“I have loved more deeply than a killer like you can possibly imagine.”

He slapped her.

“That is a penalty for lying, Highness. Where I come from, when a woman lies, she is reprimanded.”

“But I spoke the truth, I did, I–” Buttercup saw his hand rise a second time, so she stopped quickly, fell dead silent.


I’m being told all over the place how FUNNY the book is, but the way I read it, it’s not so much funny as pretty horrible. I am also not a fan of making Buttercup so stupid so that her man can spend an entire book patronising her.

However, I would have thought the abuse alone would’ve been enough to at least raise a few eyebrows.

Apparently not so much… It may famously be called a kissing book, but it is also a hitting book!

Christmas Shopping?

I tend to order heaps of stuff from overseas for Christmas presents.

Which means I have to start ordering now!

Sometimes it doesn’t get here on time, but I’m lucky enough to be Ukrainian and have a second Christmas in January, so what doesn’t make it on time gets given at Christmas #2!

Anyway, this was a comment on this post, but I thought I’d share it in a separate blog post:

My name is Kyrsten and I own the Authored Adornments shop that the “as you wish” book page necklace is from If you or any of your readers (hi readers!) are interested in buying one, please feel free to take 10% off using the Coupon Code BOOKSHOP as a thank you for the sweet promotion. In fact, that coupon code will work towards everything in my store.


So go and purchase! I’m definitely going to look into this.

The Princess Bride

A few days ago everyone was celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the movie version of The Princess Bride.

Like everyone else who was a child back then, I was pretty obsessed with the movie. I do remember always being kind of disgusted by the scene where Westley threatens to backhand Buttercup (to prove his love for her – snort! – future abuser anyone?), but other than that, I loved it.

I was not happy when I read the book and discovered he actually does backhand her.

Anyway, I’m going off-track.

If I pretend that scene doesn’t exist, I can still be very much in love with the story.

And here’s some pretty Princess Bride-related stuff.

“As You Wish” Necklace

Princess Bride Cross Stitch Pattern

“The Princess Bride” keychain

As You Wish ring