Thursday in Belfast

The first full day in Northern Ireland’s capital city. I have been through Belfast a number of times before, but always on the way to somewhere. This is my first proper visit. It is so different to Dublin, but so fascinating.

First: the gorgeous Victorian Catholic church of St Malachy, which was very nearly destroyed by the Nazis in World War Two.

Next: the Titanic museum and the SS Nomadic, which is the only White Star Line vessel that still exists. Titanic was built in Belfast, and was a pride and joy of the city. The museum has won international awards.

Next: the poor historical Primark building, which burnt down last week. There are still major disruptions in the city because the structure might not be sound, and you can still smell the fire in the air.

And then: the oldest tavern in Belfast, where we had lunch today. It is from 1630.







Twenty Years!

Titanic was given a number of different “premieres” in a number of countries, but the 19th of December is the “official” twentieth birthday of this crazy-successful movie.

The film won eleven Academy Awards and turned a bunch of people into superstars. It also had some amazing costumes (the one below has always been my favourite).

Love Titanic or hate it (but I think we can all agree James Cameron’s minute’s silence at the Oscars was overkill!), this is an anniversary I felt needed to be mentioned.

Titanic Jump Dress